Campgrounds Near Jacksonville FL: RV Parks, Camping

Jacksonville is a quaint oceanside city with a charm that draws tourists from all over the United States. While many people flock to Jacksonville to stay inexpensive, overpriced hotels that overlook the beach, some opt for a more affordable option–camping. There is a common misconception about camping; it’s a hassle, time-consuming, and not as relaxing as reserving a hotel and taking the easy way.

While some of these are true to an extent, camping can build a vacation worth remembering. Not only are you in a beautiful city with quiet, sandy beaches and a city with plenty to do, but you are also taking the time to commune with nature and experience vacation in a much more natural way. Detailed below are some options for you to consider when you are planning your trip to Florida. These are the best campgrounds near Jacksonville Fl, so you are sure to find the perfect place for you! 

Campgrounds Near Jacksonville fl

1. Hanna Park Campground 

Hanna Park Campground is one of the campgrounds near Jacksonville Fl that caters to RV users looking for a relaxing vacation. There are beautiful beach access, bathrooms, showers, and an on-site store for any last-minute needs. The campground is a short distance from town, and accessible to all of the things Jackson has to offer. One thing noted in the reviews of this campground is the upkeep of the restrooms.

If your RV has showers and bathrooms, then this should not be an issue for you. If you will need to use on-site facilities, check with the campsite management that the bathrooms have been cleaned recently before venturing in. The Hanna Park Campground also has hiking trails and outdoor shelters for gathering. The price for car entry is $5. This campground is affordable and enjoyable! 

Phone: (904) 249-4700
Address: 2999 Wonderwood Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32227


2. Big Tree RV Park

Big Tree RV Park is another one of the campgrounds near Jacksonville FL that caters primarily to RV users. However, Big Tree has a long list of amenities for their guests to enjoy. They have electric service for their guests, as well as laundry facilities. The restrooms are reviewed to be very clean, and the staff is said to be very helpful upon arrival and if anything is needed during your stay. This campsite is walking distance to the beach. This campsite is still very close to all of the exciting things to do in Jacksonville, so your visit will be an array of different activities! The reviews for this campsite are overwhelmingly positive, so it might be worth your while to give it a try! 

Phone: (904) 768-7270
Address: 5221 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32218


3. Pecan Park RV Resort

The Pecan Park RV Resort is the perfect place to start your vacation in Jacksonville. With a large park that can accommodate your RV, a pool for the whole family to enjoy, and a fishing lake, you can’t beat this RV campground. One drawback that visitors might experience is the lack of beach access. This campground is farther from the beach than the others, and that detracts from its appeal. However, the offer free breakfast, maid services, and WIFI for guests. Depending on what kind of experience you are looking for in Jacksonville, this would be a great option to park your RV! This resort is close to all of the activities in Jacksonville, so you won’t be missing much!

Phone: (904) 751-6770
Address: 650 Pecan Park Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32218


4. Riverfront RV Park and Marina 

The Riverfront RV Park and Marina is, as you might have guessed, riverfront. There is a fishing pier to sit and enjoy the afternoon, and it isn’t far from the beach. If you are looking for a beach vacation at a reasonable price, this might be the place for you! However, you would need a car to transport yourself to and from the beach, as well as whatever you would like to do in Jacksonville. This RV park offers a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, clean facilities, friendly staff, and a pet-friendly campus! Please note that this campsite is adult-only, and children are only permitted on the weekends. Keep that in mind when you are booking your vacation to one of the campgrounds near Jacksonville FL!

Phone: (904) 251-3191
Address: 8364 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226


5. Pelican Roost RV Park 

Pelican Roost RV Park is a military campground specifically those who have served, are retired or a guest of someone who is affiliated with the military. If you are military personnel, this is the perfect RV park for you. If you are not affiliated with any branches of the military, you will need to book your stay at one of the other campgrounds near Jacksonville, FL. Pelican Roost RV park has waterfront campsites available for an additional $2/per night–a great deal for an added view.

Unlike many of the other campgrounds near Jacksonville, Fl, Pelican Roost offers a place for campers to pitch tents as well, so they are not only accommodating to RVs. They offer free laundry facilities, tennis, a snack bar, archery, and bowling. As long as you or a family member has served in the military, this campsite will be perfect for your vacation!

Phone: (904) 270-7808
Address: Bon Hommes Richard St, Jacksonville, FL 32228


6. Little Talbot Island State Park

Little Talbot Island State Park is possibly one of the most unique campgrounds near Jacksonville, FL. It is located right on the beach for the convenience of visitors and caters to both tents and RVs. Pets are allowed at Little Talbot Island, and they have ample availability to connect your RV to electricity. After deciding if you will be bringing an RV or a tent, the only thing left to worry about is what exciting activities you will do once you’ve arrived!

Just to name a few, Little Talbot Island State Park offers; kayaking, surfing, canoeing, bike trails, bird watching, and much more. The base fee to stay at this campground is $24/night, regardless of if you will be using an RV or a tent. This does not include any additional fees of electricity hook up, water hooks, or taxes. 

Phone: (904) 251-2320
Address: 12157 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226



Jacksonville has some great options for camping in the area, and you can’t go wrong with any of these unique campgrounds near Jacksonville Fl. If you are looking to camp right on the beach, there is a campground for that. If you are wanting to be closer to town, then there are several RV parks to suit your needs. Whatever you are looking for in your vacation, Jacksonville is prepared to fulfill those needs. Carefully consider what kind of vacation you are hoping for, and make the best selection for your family from the detailed information above! You are sure to have a wonderful time at any of the campgrounds near Jacksonville, Florida. 

11 BEST Hiking Trails in Jacksonville Florida to Explore

Every year hundreds of people visit Jacksonville, Florida, due to the many cultural events hosted there. This city has the honor of hosting the second-largest jazz festival in the country, the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, also known as the Florida- Georgia game which makes this city famous due to Jacksonville being the home of many local breweries and distilleries. But if you dislike overcrowded touristic places, and you prefer to spend your day sightseeing and walking or hiking, you don’t have to worry, because we created this list of the best hiking trails in Jacksonville so you can explore the numerous natural reserves that belong to this great city.

If you love wildlife and want to spend a family day with your kids in an educational and fun way, don’t forget to go and visit the Jacksonville Zoo, because it hosts the second largest animal collection in the state of Florida. This zoo features elephants, lions, and Jaguars and a multitude of reptile houses, flight aviaries, and many other animals, you and your kids will love it.

The endless green scenery, thanks to the plethora of flora and fauna that this city has to offer in the form of state parks and many nature reserves, make Jacksonville the perfect place for those who enjoy strolling through the wilderness, so pick up your map, and grab your hiking gear because here is the list with the best hiking trails in Jacksonville.

hiking trails in jacksonville


1. Baldwin Rail Trail

This trail was once an abandoned railroad corridor, purchased by the Florida Greenways and trails program. This program was designed to turn abandoned railroad lines into linear parks.

The Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail extends 14.5 miles from Jacksonville to the town of Baldwin.
Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, or horseback riding this trail is the perfect combination for those who enjoy sightseeing or taking photographs for their next Instagram update.

The Baldwin rail trail is a free hiking trail, you don’t have to pay any kind of fee or make any kind of reservation. Open hours are 24 hours, every day.

Address: 1800 Imeson Road, Jacksonville, FL 32220
Phone: N/A
Website: N/A


2. Camp Milton Historic Preserve

The most interesting aspect of Camp Milton is that you can see every part of its story right there on every tree you walk by. What was once the most significant military encampment built in Florida during the civil war is now a 2.1 miles nature reserve located about 5 miles from Jacksonville. This state archeological site trail is surrounded by a leafy canopy that will shelter us from the sun on a sunny day.

This Jacksonville’s trial trail opens every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, night excursions are not allowed in this historic site. No admission fee is required unless you go in your car.

Address: 1225 Halsema Rd N, Jacksonville, FL 32220
Phone: +1 904-630-2489


3. Robert W. Loftin Nature Trail

This 6-mile hiking trail is located near the campus of the University of North Florida, this trail is open from sunrise to sunset and while parking is free on weekends, you have to pay a $3 fee on weekdays.

The Robert W. Loftin Nature Trail is divided by 5 trails. Red maple boardwalk: This trail is wheelchair accessible and was built in the late 70’s.

Gopher Tortoise ridge: this trail provides underground homes to small mammals, amphibians and reptiles alike.

Big Cypress loop: this trail connects the goldenrod and the blueberry trail.
Blueberry trail: This 1.5 trail has permanent exercise stations for those who like fitness.

And the Goldenrod trail: this 2.8 miles trail is the nearest trail to the UNF. This trail is open to the public every day of the week but the bad news is that bikes and dogs aren’t allowed.

Address: Recreation and Wellness, 1 S U N F Dr. Bldg 61, Rm 1200, Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: +1 904-620-44769


4. Timucuan Preserve

One of the most visited hiking trails in Jacksonville is the Timucua preserve, every year 1.300.000 people visit this ecological and historical place. Established in 1988, the Timucuan national preserve is the oldest national park not only in Jacksonville but also in the state of Florida. The Timucua historic preserve includes several sites around Jacksonville, such as Fort Caroline, the Kingsley Plantation, Theodore Roosevelt Area, Cedar Point, and American Beach. Make sure of visiting this hiking trail if you’re visiting Jacksonville.

Address: 12713 Ft Caroline Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225
Phone: +1 904-641-7155


5. Little Talbot Island State Park

Located near downtown Jacksonville, this nature preserve is a loved trail for old and young people. Little Talbot Island State Park not only is one of the most visited hiking trails but is also one of the most diverse national parks in Jacksonville, if you’re looking for a place to be your next vacation spot this is the perfect one, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, nature watching, bird watching and surfing are just a few of the several activities you can participate in while visiting this place.

Address: 12157 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 3222
Phone: +1 904-251-22320


6. Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

This is by far the largest state park in Florida, it offers us a variety of wildlife and nature we cannot see in our everyday life.

If you want to escape from your daily routine and challenge yourself for something new, Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park hiking trail might be what you are looking for, you never know what you might come across when you’re visiting this beautiful place.

Experience child-like wonder when hiking the Cypress Bend boardwalk a two-thousand footpath. This national park is open from 8 am to sundown every day of the year.

Address: 137 Coast Line Dr, Copeland, FL 34137
Phone: +1 239-695-4593


7. Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

What once was a gold mining company is now a unique natural attraction inside a bustling city. Located 15 minutes from downtown Jacksonville, near the Arlington neighborhood, Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens has seven designated hiking trails to explore.

Affordable and friendly, this hidden hem, has a lot to offer if you’re looking for the perfect place to hang out with your friends or family or if you want to take your dog for a walk. Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is open to the public 7 days a week from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Address: 1445 Mille Rd, Jacksonville, FL 332225
Phone: +1 904-318-44342


8. Tree Hill Nature Center

Tree Hill Nature Center is home to more than 20,234 hectare of natural trails, with butterfly and hummingbird gardens home to the annual Jacksonville Butterfly Festival, and native wildlife. Every year more than 25 thousand people, visit this wilderness preserve. Here at Tree Hill Nature, you can have a learning experience while taking a stroll on the multiple trails that make part of this marvelous preserve.

Address: 7152 Lone Star Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32211
Phone: +1 904-724-4646


9. Julington Durbin Creek Nature Preserve

This 5.5-mile loop trail is the perfect place for a leisurely walk. If you are on your lunch break and want to take a relaxing walk, don’t hesitate to visit this place. Open all year round, this trail is known for being one of the best off-road courses in Jacksonville. Feel free to go if you looking for a place to go with your dog.

Address: 13200 Bartram Park Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32258
Phone: +1 904-630-2489


10. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Located near the ocean, specifically at Mayport, in Jacksonville’s beach area this 2.7-mile trail is perfect for hot summer days. Hanna Park also has 15 miles of bicycle trail, and a campground carefully designed for tent camping or RV use. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is open 8 AM-6 PM November through March, 8 AM-8 PM April through October.

Address: 500 Wonderwood Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32233
Phone: +1 904-249-4700
Website: N/A


11. Tillie K Fowler Island Trail

Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park is located near the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, it has a length of nearly 3.3 miles of unpaved ground offer us a lot more than is expected.

Every trail in Tillie park has several levels of difficulty, you can find the Tower Trail, which is 1.2 miles long, this trail leads you to an observation tower, a two-story tower that overlooks the whole park and the Island Loop trail, a single-track trail that is perfect for cardiovascular training.

No admission fee is required and it opens from 5 AM –to 7 PM, every day (until 9 PM during daylight savings hours).

Address: 7000 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 332244
Phone: +1 904-573-2498
Website: N/A



Sometimes we feel the need to run away from the city life but without actually leaving home or maybe we lack the time or the monetary means to embark on an adventure. For those who feel that way, Jacksonville will surprise you with a variety of options ranging from old historical buildings to the most beautiful nature preserves. Whatever you wish to do, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, nature watching or horseback riding there is no lack of options for you.
There are several kinds of trails for you to try in Jacksonville, from beach trails to urban park trails, all of them family-friendly and well maintained. There is so much to Jacksonville than just being one of Florida’s largest cities and a growing metropolis. Here, in Exploreist we hope you find this list of Hiking Trails in Jacksonville helpful. And as always we wish you safe travels!

Best Beach Bars in Jacksonville Florida for Nightlife fun

There are many bars are located along the beach in Jacksonville, Florida.  Each one is different from the other, so you are sure to find a bar that fits you.  There are so many bars in Jacksonville to choose from that it may be overwhelming to choose the right one.  This guide of Jacksonville Beach bars is sure to help you find the perfect bar.  

Best Beach Bars in Jacksonville


1. The Tavern, Jacksonville Beach

The Tavern, Jacksonville Beach is one of the best beach bars in Jacksonville that you may not want to miss if you are a sports fan.  They have pool tables, live DJs and live music Thursday through Saturday nights. The staff will make you feel right at home. This is one place that you will not want to miss.

Phone: +1 (904) 435-4124
Address: 401 1st St N Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Website: Facebook Page


2. Culhane’s Restaurant, Atlantic Beach

At Culhane’s Restaurant, Atlantic Beach, you will experience one of the most talked-about bars in Atlantic Beach.  It is owned and managed by four sisters who grew up in Ireland. Visiting this pub, you will get the chance to talk to the sisters.  You should ask them about how they achieved their goals.  

They enjoy telling others how they achieved their “American Dream.”  While there, you may want to try some of their Irish favorites, like Corned Beef & Cabbage, Shepherd’s Pie, and Fish and Chips.  The atmosphere is just like being in a true Irish pub. The sisters wanted to make their ancestors proud. This is one of the best beach bars in Jacksonville that you may want to add at the top of your list if you want to experience an exhilarating Irish culture.   

Phone: +1 (904) 249-9595

Address: 967 Atlantic Blvd Atlantic Beach, FL 32233



3. Ocean Club, Jacksonville FL

Ocean Club, Jacksonville, FL is another bar that should be put on your list of best beach bars in Jacksonville to visit during your stay.  It is located at the center of Jacksonville Beach Florida’s Central Business District. At this bar and grille, you will have the chance to enjoy live music and brunch on the beach on Saturdays and Sundays.  The chef has many reviews for the in house dishes that are made, this is something you will not want to miss out on. It is recommended to try their delectable fish tacos, you will not be disappointed.  

Phone: +1 (904) 701-3765
Address: 333 1st St N #110 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Website: Facebook Page


4. Brix, Jacksonville Avondale

Brick Restaurant, otherwise known as Brix is located in historic Avondale.  The scenery is astonishing, and that is what sets this bar apart from the rest.  At Brix, Jacksonville Avondale, you will find signature dishes including a modern twist of American cuisine and some tasty burgers.  The dishes are perfectly presented and the service is top-notch. Brick is a neighborhood favorite and it is sure to be one of your favorites as well.   

Phone: +1 (904) 387-0606
Address: 3585 St Johns Ave Jacksonville, FL 32205


5. Ritz, Jax Beach

The Ritz, Jax Beach has a relaxed atmosphere.  Here, you will find a full-service bar with over 400 cocktails and shooters.  Some say that they have some of the finest bartenders on the beach. Since their opening, they have been known as “a great place to meet” and there is no wonder why.  Happy hour happens until 8 pm every day, there are pool tables, and you will also find taxidermy animal heads on the walls. This is among one of the best beach bars in Jacksonville you will not want to miss out on.  

Phone: +1 (904) 246-2255
Address: 185 3rd Ave N Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


6. Lemon Bar, Jacksonville Beach

This laid back bar was voted number one in VOID Magazine and other local publications, so you may also want to add this to your list of Jacksonville Beach bars to visit during your stay.  It is recommended to try their signature Lemon Bar Squeeze while you are there. They serve up beach-inspired cocktails like Orange Cream Dreams and Pina Coladas that you may want to try. You can enjoy the staggering sunset or moonrise while enjoying your favorite drinks.  Lemon Bar, Jacksonville Beach has live music seven days a week. You are sure to have an exceptional experience at this bar.  

Phone: +1 (904) 372-0487
Address: 2 Lemon St Neptune Beach, FL 32266


7. Surfer, the bar, Dress Code

Surfer, The Bar, has high ratings and was born from a legend – The Surfer Magazine.  Many who go are pleased with their visit. It is a great spot to be at on Jax Beach that has award-winning photography and controversial interviews with living legends, which is what makes Surfer Magazine popular.  They have an awesome dance floor, DJ and live music. There is a food truck located inside that serves fresh food. Some recommend trying the Short Rib Taco. You can choose to dine outside or on the rooftop. Surfer, the bar, dress code is strict.  The dress code is casual, but they do not allow bathing suits, even though they are located across from the beach. This is also another of the best beach bars in Jacksonville that you will not want to miss.

Phone: +1 (904) 372-9756
Address: 200 1st St N Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


8. The Shim Sham Room

The Shim Sham Room is a Rock n’ Roll cocktail lounge where the bartenders are classically trained.  The bartenders can make a remarkable drink called Old Fashioned, which you may want to give a try. They also make a Jager Bomb that has become a favorite.  Here, you will find two bars. One located on the main floor, and one located outback, where you are permitted to smoke. Upstairs, you will find live music in a vintage spirit lounge.  You will also find that they offer photo shoots and a creative backdrop for cocktail parties. Happy hour is daily from 4 pm to 7 pm, and the food is priced right.  

Phone: +1 (904) 372-0781
Address: 333 1st St N #150 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


9. Whiskey Jacks

A lot is going on at Whiskey Jacks that you will want to add this to your list of Jacksonville Beach bars to visit.  Happy hour is Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm, and Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Taco Tuesday, Wings, Whiskey and Wine Wednesday, and Thirsty Thursdays offer some spectacular prices that you may not want to miss out on.  You will find some of the best gourmet burgers and signature plates in town. This is one experience you will not want to miss, and you may want to add this to one of the best beach bars in Jacksonville to visit while you are in town.

Phone: +1 (904) 853-5973
Address: 950 Marsh Landing Pkwy Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


10. Flask and Cannon

Jacksonville has some interesting history.  Jacksonville was founded by Rigby Flask and Bartholomew J. Cannon, who were rum legends, so it has become known as the “South Pacific of the First Coast.”  At this tiki bar, you will experience the best flavors of the tropics from Honolulu to Havana at Jax Beach. While you are there you will want to ask about the Legend of the Flaming Scorpion Bowl.  There is no wonder why all of the staff look so young after you hear the legend. The bartenders are artisans, so it is recommended that you order a “real drink” and skip the beer.  

Phone: +1 (904) 853-6633
Address: 528 1st St N Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


11. The Wreck Tiki Lounge

At the Wreck Tiki Lounge, you can unwind at this hidden bar and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  The live music is fun and engaging, and the staff is friendly. You will find good deals on their drinks as well as their bar games  Here, the staff is friendly and know how to make the customers feel comfortable. You will enjoy your time at this lounge, so you may want to add this one on your list of best beach bars in Jacksonville

Phone: +1 (904) 247-0507
Address: 401 1st St N Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Website: Facebook Page 



If you have come to Jacksonville to experience some of their bars, there are plenty to choose from.  You can choose from many different atmospheres, cultures, and vibes. This guide will help you choose some of the best beach bars in Jacksonville for you.  

6 Best Beaches Near Jacksonville Florida for Summer fun

Jacksonville is a coastal city in Florida dotted by beautiful beaches. Both tourists and locals flock to the sandy shores to enjoy sunny days or starry nights. With any coastal area, the quality of beaches varies depending on the location, the pollution, and how dedicated the community is to keep their beaches clean. Fortunately, Jacksonville has quite a few beaches to choose from, and all of them have their charms. While some are known as tourist hotspots, others appeal to a more local crowd. Despite who the area caters to, public beaches in Jacksonville, FL are not difficult to come by. When considering the best beaches near Jacksonville, the below information will prove useful for visitors unfamiliar with the area. Regardless of preference, there’s a beach in Jacksonville for you. 

Best Beaches Near Jacksonville


1. Neptune Beach 

If you value peace and tranquility, coupled with clear water and clean landscape, Neptune Beach is one of the best beaches near Jacksonville, FL. The crisp, blue water and lack of noisy tourists attract quiet visitors, as well as a strong local crowd. Neptune beach in Jacksonville, FL is a great place to relax with a book. Rest assured, you will be able to hear the waves crashing beside you without the noisy disturbance of large crowds. Many visitors have stated that the beach is well maintained, quiet, and the perfect place in Jacksonville to catch a beautiful sunrise. 

Like most public beaches, Neptune Beach is open 24/7. It does not have on-site services, nor a number to call directly. There is plenty of parking available, but there is often a walk involved to reach the beach. Neptune beach is also close to shops and restaurants, making it the perfect location! 

Address: Neptune Beach, FL 32266


2. Atlantic Beach 

Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, FL is another local gem. Famed for its pristine white sand and quiet local sunbathers, Atlantic Beach is a prime spot to unwind from a busy vacation or just a busy day. The best time to visit Atlantic Beach is during the week. This is when the beach is at its most unpopulated, and the perfect time to commune with nature without the noise of music or crowds enjoying a rowdy vacation. There are also facilities for visitors to use for changing, restrooms, and showering; a must-have for many travelers. A few visitors have named this beach as Jacksonville’s best-kept secret, as there are no large hotels or tourist attractions nearby. 

Atlantic beach is open to the public 24/7, same as Neptune. There is no direct phone number to the beach. Quaint restaurants are dotting the area for beach-goers to enjoy after a day of relaxation. 

Address: Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233


3. Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach in Jacksonville, FL is a destination for many visitors. It is spotted with lavish beach homes and hotels. While it is still considered to be a quiet, residential area, the possibility of a crowded atmosphere is much higher. The beach itself is very well kept, with clean water and sand that stretches out as far as the eye can see. In addition to these qualities, if you are a shell hunter, Ponte Vedra is known for its beautiful multitude of shells that wash up on the shore every morning. Of course, the earlier visitors go, the more likely they are to find the best shells. 

The beach access is open 24/7, as are the other public beaches listed. Ponte Vedra has private parking for beach-goers to make vacationing very accessible. It is also accessible for bikes, and restrooms are provided onsite. All of these attributes make Ponte Vedra one of the best beaches near Jacksonville, FL, and worth checking out.

Address: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082


4. Amelia Island Beach

Amelia Island Beach, otherwise known as Fernandina beach is a part of a historic district near downtown Jacksonville. It is a long stretch of coastal land dotted with old, grandiose homes. Visitors can drive onto the beach with 4-wheelers or other off-road vehicles. Amelia Island has more than one beach available to the public, and several of those beaches are rural and secluded. 

Visitors and locals can ride horses on the beach for a peaceful sunrise experience, or go watch one of the scheduled turtle excavations to see the eggs being hatched. Most of the beaches in Amelia Island are covered in grassy dunes leading to the white sand, giving it a wild feel. 

Address: Amelia Island, FL 32034


5. Jacksonville Beach 

Jacksonville Beach is a great choice for people who are looking for an exciting vacation, with the added serenity of spending time near the ocean. This beach is located near a beach strip, which is typically packed with tourists sampling local cuisine, shopping, and participating in other fun activities. As opposed to the other beaches listed above, this might not be the place for you if you are in search of a quiet, relaxing experience.

While there are times of the day that Jacksonville Beach is not crowded, there is a constant flow of tourists filtering through. This is one of the best beaches in Jacksonville, FL to select if you are looking for the excitement of the strip close to the ocean. 

Address: Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


6. Mickler’s Beach Park

Mickler’s beach park is a wonderful attraction for families and individuals who enjoy water sports and other types of competition. It is a standard beach in its own right but has many more amenities because it is managed by the state as a park. This beach is one of the best beaches near Jacksonville, FL because it offers a fully handicap accessible beach for those utilizing power chairs, walkers, or other mobility devices. 

There is a wooden walkway covering the dunes in specific areas to ensure people utilizing mobility devices can enjoy the beach as well. The beach is well maintained, with clear water and a clean environment for enjoyment. There is a lifeguard staffed for peak season, parking available, as well as grills and tables for cooking out.

As this is a park managed by the state, it is not a 24/7 beach. This park is open from 6 am-8:30 pm daily. 

Address: Mickler’s Landing Beach Park, USA, County Rd 203, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082



Jacksonville is filled with wonderful beaches and parks for visitors to enjoy year-round. With every traveler having different needs in mind, it is important to check up on the beaches available in the area before setting off to a specific destination. Many travelers do not realize there is more than one beach near their destination city. While some people are in search of quiet and serenity, others may be looking for the excitement of a tourist hot-spot filled with shops, games, and activities. Downtime is a precious commodity, and many travelers regret how they spent their time because they were uninformed beforehand. No matter what your preference, Jacksonville has a beach for everyone.

Top 8 Free Things to do in Jacksonville Florida

Let’s be honest– vacation is expensive. After paying for a hotel, a flight (or gas for the car), and food, the costs start to rack up. Once you arrive at your destination, the last thing you want to do is spend more money on activities and excursions. Finding free activities where you can still thoroughly enjoy your destination is a must. The same goes for locals! After paying all of your bills and taking care of your monthly responsibilities, sometimes there is just not enough left over to go out and enjoy yourself with an expensive outing. Luckily there are many free things to do in Jacksonville, Florida.

From their beaches to the parks and plantations, there are plenty of exciting things to do to fill your days with fun. Peruse the list below to see which exciting pastimes your family may be interested in during your trip to Jacksonville. Sometimes “treating yourself” can be completely free! 

Free Things to Do in Jacksonville


1. Sunshine Park and Splash Pad

The Sunshine Park and Splash Pad is an activity the whole family can enjoy! This kid-friendly park has a playground for the kiddos to spend some energy, walking trails, sports courts, fields, and areas for picnicking. The splash pad is an area where kids (and adults!) can throw on their bathing suits and run around in the water. While there is no submersive pool to swim in, the towers spew cold water onto everyone on the splash pad and serve as a cool refreshment to the hot Jacksonville summers. Afterward, you can make use of the grills provided by the park and grill up some dinner. Sunshine Park is a great way for a budgeting family to spend an afternoon in Jacksonville. 

Phone: +1 904 247-6100
Address: 2514 S Beach Pkwy, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


2. Atlantic Beach

When thinking of free things to do in Jacksonville, FL, people tend to forget about nature’s playgrounds. Jacksonville is an ocean city with some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. And they’re free! It might seem simplistic, but spending the day at the beach can’t be beaten by any other activity. You can curl up with a book and listen to the waves, or grab a surfboard and engage with the ocean. However, you choose to interact with the beach, keep it at the top of your list of free things to do in Jacksonville–you won’t be disappointed. 

Phone: N/A
Address: Jacksonville, FL 32224
Website: N/A


3. Cancer Survivor’s Park

Cancer Survivor’s Park has replicas of all the bridges in Jacksonville artfully weaved together to make creative walking paths for visitors. There is a pond below the bridges that are meant to replicate St. John’s River, a prominent river in Jacksonville. As you walk along the park, you will notice plaques meant to inspire and resonate with the reader. There are names of survivors from Jacksonville that have been cancer-free for at least 5 years. This park is a very emotional and inspirational place to visit and is worth the time. The landscape is breathtaking with its thoughtful design honoring those who have battled cancer and emerged victoriously. 

Phone: N/A
Address: 101 W State St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Website: N/A


4. Riverside Arts Market

Every Saturday the Riverside Arts Market comes to life under the Riverside bridge in Jacksonville. Local artists come to sell their wares, setting up the area beautifully and uniquely. There is usually live entertainment such as; singing, dancing, comedy, or other simple entertainment for the crowds drawn in by the markets. Also, vendors set up food trucks and sell an assortment of food and goods for customers to enjoy. While you have to pay for anything you might want to buy, admission is free and it is an exciting event to onlookers. You could visit the Riverside Arts Market and, without purchasing a thing, feel that you’ve had a fulfilling experience. 

Phone: +1 904 389-2449
Address: 715 Riverside Park Pl, Jacksonville, FL 32204-3302


5. Kingsley Plantation

Kingsley Plantation is a wonderful day excursion for a vacationing family to enjoy. It is a beautiful place to behold, but deeper than that, it teaches an important history lesson not easily forgotten. The plantation operated in the 18th century mosy with the majority of the workers being slaves forced into captivity. While touring this plantation, you will learn about the dark history surrounding its success, along with other interesting things. Visiting the plantation is free, and is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of the south. 

Phone: +1 904 251-3537
Address: 11676 Palmetto Ave, Ft George Island, Jacksonville, FL 32226-2449


6. Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

A refreshing sight after a long day, the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens are open for anybody to tour for free. It is 120 acres of wooded land for visitors to explore. There are benches along the trails so you can rest if needed. As you walk, you will notice plaques with information about the different plants growing around you. So while this outing is fun and relaxing, it is also educational if you take the time to read the information. It is always interesting to learn more about Florida’s natural flora and fauna, and what it looks like. The gardens close at dark for safety reasons, so make sure you plan your trip accordingly. 

Phone: +1 904 318-4342
Address: 1445 Millcoe Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225-6307


7. Friendship Fountain

The Friendship Fountain is one of Jacksonville’s most recognized attractions. It is one of the most iconic free things to do in Jacksonville, FL. When this fountain originally opened, it was the largest fountain in the world. That record has since been beaten, but it is still a breathtaking sight. At night, the fountain lights up blue and gives a beautiful addition to the backdrop of the Jacksonville skyline. You can visit the Friendship Fountain at any time of the day, and stay for as long as you’d like. This is a great place to bring dinner to enjoy, or snack on some dessert from local food trucks or restaurants. 

Phone: +1 904 630-2489
Address: 1015 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207-9006


8. Castaway Island Preserve

The Castaway Island Preserve is something you will want to reserve a day for. It is an extensive hiking experience in the wetlands of coastal Florida. The Castaway Island Preserve is 300 acres of land inhabited by species native to Florida. It is free to visit and a very exciting excursion. Make sure to wear bug spray and bring lots of water! While fun, this activity could prove to be exhausting as well! 

Phone: +1 904 630-4100
Address: 2885 San Pablo Rd. S, Jacksonville, FL 32224



There are plenty of free things to do in Jacksonville, FL if you look closely enough. There are free things to do all over the United States. You just need to know where to look. Hopefully, the information above has given a good guideline of what free activities you can enjoy on your vacation to Jacksonville, Florida. 

How Far Is Jacksonville From Gainesville? Map Directions

How many hours is Jacksonville from Gainesville

The total travel time between Jacksonville and Orlando is 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Total distance: 71 miles

Directions to Jacksonville from Gainesville

1. Head north on S Main St toward NE State Rd 24/E University Ave

2. Follow NE State Rd 24, US-301 N and I-10 E to your destination in Jacksonville

  • Turn right at the 1st cross street onto NE State Rd 24/E University Ave, you will pass and Auto Parts on your right in 0.8miles
  • Turn left onto NE State Rd 24/NE Waldo Rd and drive for 0.2miles
  • Continue straight onto FL-24 E/NE State Rd 24/NE Waldo Rd and drive for about 13.2miles and then
  • Continue straight onto NE 5th Blvd/NE Waldo Rd for a short period of 266feet, after, make a
  • Slight right onto US-301 N/N Main St and stay on this road for 8.8miles and then make another 
  • Slight left to stay on US-301 N, in 10.2miles you will pass Subway Restaurants and then after driving 27.9miles 
  • Use the right lane to take the ramp onto I-10 E and drive another 17.7miles
  • Use the left lane to stay on I-10 E and follow signs for Jax Beaches/Daytona Bch and drive 0.4miles and remember to
  • Keep left to continue on US-17 N, follow signs for Interstate 95 N/Int’l Airport/Savannah drive 0.6miles
  • US-17 N turns slightly right and becomes I-95 N after 0.8miles
  • Take exit 353B toward Union St/Beaver St and then drive for 0.1miles
  • Continue onto US-17 N for a short distance of 164feet and then make a
  • Slight right onto W Union St for a drive of 0.7miles and then

3. Turn left and your destination will be on your right

Road trip from Gainesville to Jacksonville

From Gainesville you should arrive at a place called Knights Inn Gainesville, it is an amazing place and definitely worth a look at. Stop by and relax for an hour or two.  Don’t forget to check out some of the delicious restaurants on the way. After some time you will then reach Waldo, so much to do in Waldo. It is worth wasting your time there. There will be another stop in Starke for you and the family to take a breather, some fresh air, and room to stretch. Your last destination will be at Best Western Baldwin Inn, a fancy little Inn for you to embrace the last of the road trip before reaching your city destination. 

Gainesville to Jacksonville train

Taking a train from Gainesville to Jacksonville will be approximately 33 hours and 40 minutes, and this is via Amtrak, which is the fastest option for getting to Jacksonville. It would be best to take a book to keep you busy or download some movies for yourself to watch. Do not forget your battery pack because you’ll be stranded on a train without any source of technology, which means you’ll have to keep yourself busy by counting passing trees and clouds. To keep hydrated bring your own water, if the service fee is not an option for you. Traveling on a Saturday is a lot more pleasant than any other weekday, as fewer people are traveling on the train so you will have room to stretch your legs and enjoy peace and quiet. 

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How Far Is Jacksonville From Orlando? Directions & Map

How Many Hours is Jacksonville From Orlando

The total travel time between Jacksonville and Orlando is 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Total distance: 140 miles

Road Trip From Orlando to Jacksonville

Driving to Jacksonville from Orlando can be made extremely fun and interactive, don’t just try and make it in one trip, make a few stops for eating and enjoy the road trip. It is a fun opportunity for you and your friends or family to make the most of a long journey by creating memories along the road. Firstly, stop at Daytona Beach and visit the Museum of Arts & Sciences along with many more historical sites and monuments. Then your next big stop would be St Augustine and there you can pleasure your stomach and enjoy amazing cuisine in grand restaurants. And then visit the Castillo De San Marcos National Monument. 

Directions to Jacksonville From Orlando

1. Follow Main St N to FL-10 E for 5mins and then

  • Head north toward E State St for a short distance of 262feet
  • Turn left onto E State St for a stretch 164feet
  • Turn left onto Main St N for about 0.9miles and then
  • Continue onto FL-10 E for another 0.6miles, after

2. Follow I-95 S and I-4 W to E Anderson St in Orlando. Take exit 82B from I-4 W. you will drive for approximately 2 hours before reaching your next key stop

  • Use the middle lane to merge onto FL-10 E drive for 0.6miles
  • Keep left to continue toward I-95 S drive for 0.1miles and then
  • Merge onto I-95 S for a long stretch of 86.6miles thereafter you will
  • Use the right 2 lanes to take the exit toward I-4 W for 0.4miles
  • Keep left to continue on Exit 260 B-A, follow signs for I-4 W/Orlando and merge onto I-4 W and drive for another distance of 50.6miles
  • Take exit 82B toward E Anderson St and drive for 0.3miles

3. Continue on E Anderson St. Drive to W South St. this will be a short drive of only 2 minutes

  • Use the middle lane to turn left onto E Anderson St and drive for 0.2miles
  • Turn left onto Boone Ave for another 0.1miles and then
  • Turn right onto W South St and in 292feet you will reach your destination

Orlando to Jacksonville Train

The trip from Orlando to Jacksonville is 125.12miles. One of the best ways to do the trip is via train if you’re not up for a long drive yourself. Take along a good book and restock your iPod with the latest and newest music. The Amtrak Silver Service is the best and fastest way to get to Jacksonville. The Amtrak covers the distance in 3 hours 11 minutes. However, the train clocks every 4 hours, station to station so prepare yourself for a 2-day trip. It would be the perfect weekend getaway, spending most of the time on the train and other stops along the way. Travel on a Monday if you want to have peace and quiet. Saturdays the train trip is the busiest, so plan ahead and book a ticket for a Monday to have a pleasant and harmonious trip. 

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Little Talbot Island Camping State Park Reviews & Fees

little talbot island camping

Phone: +1 904-251-2320
Address: 12157 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226, United States

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission

Opened daily from 8:15 am – 6 pm

24 USD


The Little Talbot Island camping is one of the most gorgeous islands remaining in Northeast Florida which boasts more than five miles of scenic beaches and three miles of bike trails which you can come enjoy some cycling while you camp. Little Talbot Island camping area consists of untouched flora a fauna not forgetting ecosystems that beg to be explored. 

Even better, the white sand and the nearby waves from the ocean offer the perfect ambiance for water sport activities. The eroding sun-bleached roots and fallen trunks of cedar and palm trees at the Little Talbot Island create a linear view of natural sculptures that you will absolutely love. Whether it’s surfing, birdwatching, fishing or hiking, this spot will offer you the ultimate camping thrill you are looking for. In short, this is a place that will give you the perfect nostalgic feel for an unwinding experience. 

Little Talbot Island Camping Reviews

The Little Talbot Island Campground comes with a boat ramp, playground, 2 restrooms and trails which you can enjoy as part of your camping activities. If you have dogs, they are not permitted on the beach and for a cycling experience, you will find big bike lanes that pass through the forest leading you to the unspoiled beaches. 

The main beach of the Little Talbot Island offers picnic tables and a perfect access via a lengthy wooden path maintained by the habitat. This is a very protected area which offers a great home to a wide variety of wildlife which is rare to find on a normal day. The forest will lead you into a wood-littered beach that has expansive white sandy beaches and is home to some of the most gorgeous sea birds, turtles and butterflies which will give you a frenzy.

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If you are a curious traveler looking for the most exciting holiday experience in this part of America, this is your ultimate stopover. The Little Talbot Island offers you nothing but the best when it comes to camping and sightseeing where it boasts the finest untouched beaches and wildlife species like no other. You are guaranteed to have a camping experience of a lifetime in this place which you can tag your travel buddies to came and sample the niceties that this Island has to offer. You cannot say you have completed a holiday tour until you visit the Little Talbot Island camping which will offer you the ultimate hiking experience that you will reminisce for days on end after you are done with your vacay.

Jacksonville Equestrian Center Reviews, Fees, & Info

Jacksonville Equestrian Center

Phone: +1 904-255-4254
Address: 13611 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221, United States

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission

Mon – Fri: 8 am – 4 pm; Sat & Sun: Closed

Many events are free, others are charged from $30.


Jacksonville Equestrian Center covers 80 acres of land in Jacksonville, Florida and can be conveniently reached from the major interstates I-10 and I-295. The Center address places it a short distance away from all the attractions and restaurants of downtown Jacksonville, beautiful beaches and historical St. Augustine.

The center is part of a tract of land given to the city for recreational purposes and has been under the management of the Northeast Florida Equestrian Society since 2014. Thanks to the non-profit organization, the Jacksonville Equestrian Center contributes to the usage of the Cecil Recreational Complex and the Taye Brown Park. The center wishes to provide family entertainment and attract events that will contribute to the local community.

As part of the Cecil Recreational Complex, the center hosts a wide range of events, including dressage, rodeo, the 4-H annual horse show, and the Royal Lipizzan Stallions. The Jacksonville Equestrian Center has also been used for other events, including a demolition derby, monster truck shows, band camp, and music concerts. Most of the events held here are free of charge.

The Jacksonville Equestrian Center is a multi-purpose facility including an indoor Championship Arena with seating for 3,770 spectators and a performance arena. There is a spacious indoor concourse space which includes concession stands. There are four barns on the property housing 422 permanent stalls, two outdoor riding arenas, and a turf arena. The recreational park includes an aquatic center, trails, a golf course, ball fields, and a community center.

For accommodation during events, there are a number of good hotels close by and on-site full hookup RV slots.

Jacksonville Equestrian Center Reviews

Jacksonville Equestrian Center reviews offer the opinions of even non-horse people, one of whom said they went along for their partner, but thoroughly enjoyed the event. The reviewer said the center is huge and well lit. The practice arena was available for a visit, where horses could be shown or trained. Visitors could also see the walking exercise areas used by the horses and their riders. The reviewer’s only complaint was that he couldn’t sneak away and grab a sandwich or a pizza, as that day there was no food concession stand that day.

Other reviewers noted that the facility is open and airy and very well maintained. It was noted that there was ample parking on the property, but that there was some confusion as to where to come in and go out of the parking.

A family group attended a Dressage show and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They complimented the facility as being ideal for the event, with great seats and convenient and clean restrooms available. According to the reviewer, the stables at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center are on a par with some of the best performance arenas out there.

19 BEST Parks in Jacksonville, Florida [2022 UPDATED]

Jacksonville, Florida, is the most populous city in all of Florida. Though this urban mecca has so much to explore, the city also has expansive green space to balance out the concrete jungle. Come to Jacksonville and discover a wealth of parks and natural spaces, including gardens, walking trails, and dog parks. Jacksonville has the largest urban park system in all of America!

Considered urban sanctuaries, Jacksonville has no shortage of ways to get outside in this spanning metropolis of over 840 square miles. Directly on the Atlantic Ocean, Jacksonville edges up against beautiful shorelines and sandy beaches. Additionally, Jacksonville is where St. John’s River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever your plan on coming to Jacksonville for, it should be balanced out by some time spent in Mother Nature. Read on to discover our round-up of parks in Jacksonville, Florida, to be sure to breathe in the fresh air and Florida sunshine! 

Best Parks in Jacksonville


1. Southbank Riverwalk 

The Southbank Riverwalk is a wonderful place to start when headed outside while still in the city of Jacksonville. This 1 ¼ mile riverwalk hugs the St. Johns River and is home to many events and attractions. Locals love to go for a run, grab an ice cream, or simply sit and people watch along the Riverwalk. View shorebirds coming and going, river birds, and the sweeping skyline of the city from Southbank Riverwalk. 

Phone: +1 904-630-2489
1001 Museum Cir., Jacksonville, FL 32202


2. Tree Hill Nature Center

Tree Hill Nature Center offers the unique opportunity to learn about local flora and fauna firsthand. Set in the center of Jacksonville, Tree Hill is accessible and cost-effective. With 50 acres of trails, a chance to see hummingbirds and native animals, as well as a Florida Natural History Museum, Tree Hill Nature Center, has so much to do. If you’re up for extra-learning, sign up for a guided trail hike or an “Animal Encounter.” 

Phone: +1 904 724-4646
7152 Lone Star Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32211


3. Metropolitan Park and Marina

Located in downtown Jacksonville, Metropolitan Park and Marina are beloved by locals and tourists alike for hosting a variety of activities. A great place to spend an afternoon or evening outdoors, Metropolitan Park and Marina have picnic tables, carefully curated gardens, and waterfront access. Just off of I-95, Metropolitan Park is easy to get to, and often has concerts at its venue location.

Phone: +1 904 630-0837
4110 Gator Bowl Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32202


4. Treaty Oak

Treaty Oak is not a park but an iconic oak tree that is so adored by Jacksonville, they have named the nearly 250-year-old tree, and worked to preserve it. People come to bask under the stretching branches of Treaty Oak, which was saved from development in the 1930s. The tree may be the oldest living thing predating the establishment of Jacksonville by founding father Isaiah Hart. Set in the Jessie Ball DuPont Park, it is worth the visit.

Phone: N/A
1123 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207


5. Big Talbot Island State Park

20 minutes north of the city by car is beautiful Big Talbot Island State Park. With a stunning overview of the ocean, Big Talbot Island is part of a string of oceanic islands. Boneyard Beach is an especially noteworthy part of the park with now-dead cedar and oak trees that jut from the beach in a bone-like fashion. Worth the drive and effort, do not miss Big Talbot Island State Park when visiting Jacksonville.

Phone: +1 904-251-2320
State Road A1A North, Jacksonville FL 32226


6. Central Park 

Central Park honors Jacksonville’s history of the Civil War with a large memorial. The park spans 37 acres between Downtown Jacksonville and the Springfield Historic District and is also referred to as Confederate Park. Though the park is due a revival, the green space is historic in that it held the first Jacksonville zoo, as well as being a site for some 8,000 confederate soldiers who returned for a reunion in 1914.

Phone: N/A
Downtown Jacksonville, at the intersection of State and Main Street


7. Cary State Forest 

Florida’s second established state forest, Cary State Forest is comprised of Flatwoods, marshland, and a sandhill. With hiking and horseback riding trails, primitive camping, and the chance to see wildlife, Cary State Forest is a true outdoorsman’s dream. Nearly 13,500 acres, heading to Cary State Forest means leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city; something everyone needs from time to time. 

Phone: +1 877-879-3859
Florida Forest Service, 7465 Pavilion Rd., Bryceville, FL 32009-1950


8. Walter Jones Historical Park

Set on one of the first established homesteads in Jacksonville, Walter Jones Historical Park aims to share a slice of life from the early 1900s. Come to immerse yourself in the Mandarin Museum, the St. Joseph’s Mission Schoolhouse for African-American children, and other historic structures. On-site walking trails and a picnic area make it a day at Walter Jones Historical Park. Additionally, Mandarin was once the winter home of Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Phone:  +1 904 268-0784
Address: 11964 Mandarin Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32223


9. Jacksonville Zoo and Garden

Jacksonville Zoo and Garden is home to over 2,000 animals and some 1,000 plants. This large zoo sits on 117 acres, with notable jaguar and tiger exhibits. The gardens include Savanna blooms, an Asian Bamboo Garden, and Rivers of Colors Garden. Garden tours are available by registration every first Saturday of the month.

Phone: +1 904 757-4463
370 Zoo Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32218


10. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

What’s better than an oceanfront city park? Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a comprehensive city park in Atlantic Beach with hiking, biking, camping, and miles of white sand beach. A 60-acre lake is perfect for discovering by way of kayak or canoe or head to the beach for surfing lessons. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park also has 300 sites for rustic, RV, and tent camping.

Phone: +1 904 249-4700
500 Wonderwood Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32233


11. Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

A converter railroad turned recreation, Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail covers 14.5 miles. A 12’ wide paved trail is perfect for those with bikes or rollerblades. An equestrian trail runs parallel to the main trail and is unpaved. Touching the beautiful Camp Milton Historic Preserve, the trail is a great way to take in native plant life.

Phone: +1 904 630-5400
850 Center St N, Baldwin, FL 32234


12. Fort Caroline National Monument

Fort Caroline was an attempted French settlement during the 1500s. Set on the banks of St.Johns River and was overtaken by Spanish colonists. The camp is a replica of what the original fort may have looked like. The grounds hold a 1.3-mile nature trail that winds and overlooks the mouth of the St. Johns River. An incredible insight into Jacksonville’s past, head to Fort Caroline.

Phone: +1 904-641-7155
12713 Fort Caroline Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32225


13. Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens

A true hidden gem in the Arlington neighborhood of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is a perfect respite from the city. Immerse yourself in the walkway that circumnavigates a two-acre lake, or learn from the 100-labeled signs that identify local plants. Head to the arboretum to reflect, or work up a sweat. Either way, this off-the-beaten-path green space should be on everyone’s agenda.

Phone: +1 904 318-4342
1445 Mille Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225


14. Dog Wood Park

A dog’s heaven, Dog Wood Park is 42 acres of the fenced-in, off-leash dog park. Inside of the park is a lake for feline friends to swim in, an agility course, and obstacles to challenge Fido. Though the park does have a membership, daily visitors are welcome. Visiting dogs must have proof of current rabies vaccinations, so plan accordingly.

Phone: +1 904 296-3636 
7407 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256


15. Neptune Beach

Beautiful Neptune Beach showcases the best of Jacksonville-area beaches. Cream-colored sand and clean beachside make a hike or a dip in these waters a perfect idea. A separate township from Jacksonville, Neptune Beach is just east of Jacksonville. Parking is a bit tight, but if you come early for the sunrise, it should be no problem at all. Stores and restaurants are close at hand, so you can sit in the sun and then dine in style. 

Phone: N/A
Neptune Beach, Florida


16. Springfield Disc Golf Course at Klutho Park

Accredited by the Professional Disc Golf Association, beginners and experts alike will love Springfield Disc Golf Course. Enjoy the variety of low ceiling, analyze, and hyzer shots. Downtown Jacksonville, getting to Springfield Disc Golf is a great way to burn off some steam, and brush up on some tosses. 

Phone: +1 904 630-2489
2nd St and Boulevard St., Jacksonville, FL 32206


17. Castaway Island Preserve

A preserve on the end of a peninsula, Castaway Island Preserve is a fresh breath of air from the busy city. Just under a mile long, the walking path is a great place to view wildlife and birds overhead. Look for gopher turtles that live in the protected pine Flatwoods just along the San Pablo River. This is also a great place to launch a kayak. 

Phone: +1 904 630-2489
2885 San Pablo Rd S, Jacksonville, FL 32225


18. Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve

46,000 acres of wetland await you at Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve. Once home to the Native Timucuan people, shards of the second oldest pottery was found on these lands. Evidence of a Spanish mission, as well as Kingsley Plantation, the oldest plantation in the state, is also at Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve. Needless to say, their important layers to Florida’s history have transpired here.

Phone: +1 904-641-7155
12713 Fort Caroline Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225-1240


19. Theodore Roosevelt Area

600 acres of hardwood forest, wetlands, and scrub vegetation are on-hand at Theodore Roosevelt Area. A wonderful place to learn more about the local ecology, take advantage of the guided tour each Saturday afternoon. With four miles of trail, keep an eye out for animals and birds. Theodore Roosevelt Area is part of Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve and has special areas dedicated to the Timucuan people.

Phone: +1 904-641-7155
12713 Fort Caroline Road, Jacksonville, FL 32225



It is amazing that for being such a vast urban area Jacksonville has so much in the way of green space and opportunities to get outside. From beaches to historical monuments, Jacksonville impresses upon visitors just how much this part of Florida values being outside. Head to the arboretum or to one of the nationally recognized parks that Jacksonville area holds. It is easy to get the best of both city life and the great outdoors in impressive Jacksonville, Florida.  

Big Talbot Island State Park Jacksonville Review

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1721″ src=”” alt=”Big Talbot Island State Park is a natural preserve, ideal for bird-watching, photography and nature study.” width=”730″ height=”486″ />

Phone: +1 904-251-2320
Address: A1A North, Jacksonville, FL 32226, United States

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission
  • Directions

8 a.m. until sundown, 365 days a year. The boat ramp is open 24 hours a day.

$2 for Fishing Pier, $3 per vehicle entrance

Driving out from downtown Jacksonville, head south toward E Union Street, turning left at the first cross street on to E Union Street. Pass the Burger King you will see on the left. Continue on FL-115 S, taking the FL-113N Southside Connector and I-295 N to Heckscher Drive. Take exit 41 from I-295 N and follow the signs.


Big Talbot Island State Park is a natural preserve, ideal for bird-watching, photography and nature study. The park address on A1A North makes the park an easy to access location. The park is located on one of the unique sea islands in Northeast Florida and is mainly a natural preserve where visitors can conduct nature studies, enjoy photography and go bird watching.

There are a number of island habitats to visit on Big Talbot Island State Park which can be accessed by hiking along Big Pine Trail to visit the marsh or the Blackrock Trail to head to the shoreline. Jones Cut and the Old Kings Highway are both trails cutting through the maritime forest on the island.

Visitors can enjoy a picnic at one of several pavilions on The Bluffs, which overlook the water and also give access to a hiking trail down to Boneyard Beach. This beach is well known for its salt-washed skeletons of cedar trees and live oak trees (pictured above) that used to thrive close to the shoreline.

Those who enjoy biking and in-line skating will appreciate the 2.9-mile Timucuan Trail, an off-road and paved trail that runs alongside A1A. While traveling along the trail, visitors can read about the natural and cultural resources of the park on the many interpretive panels set up along the trail. The island can also be enjoyed by boat or rented kayak at the north end of Big Talbot Island, where visitors can explore the salt marsh.

After visiting Big Talbot Island State Park, bear in mind that Talbot Islands State Park also gives access to Little Talbot Island State Park, Amelia Island State Park, Fort George Island Cultural State Park, George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park and Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park for more exploration and fun in nature.

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Big Talbot Island State Park Reviews

Big Talbot Island State Park reviews particularly laud the beautiful beach on the island, saying the 10-minute walk to the shoreline was very enjoyable. Many families enjoy visiting the park for hiking and relaxation, while the kids have plenty to learn about and do along the way.

Fans of bird-watching enjoy visiting the park at sunrise when a large number of birds are bathing in a freshwater pool just south of the A1A bridge at the north end of the park. The birds included many herons, egrets, Rosetta spoonbills, and other water birds. Reviewers recommended wearing comfortable walking shoes and to bring plenty of water and bug spray with them.

Fishing fans mentioned the beautiful beaches and excellent fishing available in the park, saying the fishing pace was a little slow, but that it was restful and relaxing. Many visitors to the beach picked up some beautiful shells along the way. One reviewer did warn people to pick up their trash before leaving and to watch out for fishing line debris with hooks.

Riverside Arts Market Jacksonville Reviews & Info

Riverside Arts Market Jacksonville

Phone: +1 904-389-2449
Address: 715 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission

Every Saturday 10 am – 3 pm (Rain or Shine)

No Entrance Fee.


The Riverside Arts Market is hosted every Saturday, rain or shine from 10 am – 3 pm. It serves as a friendly gathering where the integration and escalation of diversity can take place. Many locals and tourists fill the market isles as they shop till their hearts drop. The Riverside Arts Market is unique because you can arrive by foot, car or passage on a boat. It is extremely extra and is the exact market you are looking for. Trending on a grand scale, the Riverside Arts Market racks in tons of tourists a year for the beautiful scenery and amazing parks.

The market also features fresh produce and amazing works of art. The vendors at the Riverside Arts Market mainly sell organic produce and make sure that almost everything on sale is vegetarian and vegan-friendly. The founder of the Riverside Arts Market had the vision to place a marker at the edge of the river to create an amazingly fresh tomato here for the selling of greens and the building of communities. The vision was seen through and the market is an amazing establishment and addition to Jacksonville.

The Riverside Arts Market is serving up major aesthetics. This is a six-time Folio winner and is righteously so. There is always live music and the produce is always as fresh as if it were straight from the ground (which it is). The Zumba is one of its best perks and with Stella temperatures you’ll always be fresh and cool. 

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Riverside Arts Market Jacksonville Reviews

Some people love the Riverside Arts Market, but most people LOVE it. The fresh and organic produce always seems to bring pure joy to the visitors of the Riverside Arts Market. The Zumba brings fun and new energy to the market and is a real conversation starter. Then there is live music which pleases all the music lovers and keeps them coming back for more.

The weather is great for the older and younger visitors who prefer cool and gentle breezes. The air is dewy and moist due to the riverbanks on which the market rests. The artwork is incredible and is what makes the market artsy for the art enthusiasts. Please be sure to stop by if you’re in the area. You are sure to enjoy the marvelous atmosphere of the Riverside Arts Market. 

Huguenot Memorial Park Jacksonville Review, Directions

Huguenot Memorial Park

Phone: +1 904-255-4255
Address: 10980 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226, United States

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission
  • Directions

6 am – 7 pm (daily)

  • Pedestrian and bicycle entry fee is $3
  • The vehicle entry fee is $5 with $1 for each additional person.
  • An annual pass for the park costs $99
  • The bus entry fee is $50.

Driving from downtown Jacksonville, head west on Adams Street towards Ocean Street. Take the FL-115 S and FL-113 N Southside Connector to I-295 N and take exit 41 to head to Heckscher Drive.


The Huguenot Memorial Park is a fascinating visit, where visitors can learn about the many flora and fauna while strolling on the beach or exploring the trails. Entering the Huguenot Memorial Park, you will first see a tree-shaded area with picnic tables, ideal for relaxing with your meal. The next area contains 70 primitive campsites, each with a picnic table and fire ring and ideal for a tent or an RV.

Right in the center of the Huguenot Memorial Park is the Nature Center, which is open from 2 pm to 5 pm daily and allows visitors to explore and learn about the flora and fauna in the park that they may encounter along the beach. The Nature Center offers interactive displays, games and reference books and center staff are always on hand to explain anything about the park in more detail. Guided tours are available including a beach walk and information about the birds, marine life and animals in the area.

The children will enjoy a playground next to the Nature Center with adventurous climbing options and other fun. During summer, a concession stand is open here where snacks and cold drinks can be purchased. From this area, it is possible to drive right on to the beach.

Visitors should take note that part of Huguenot Memorial Park is designated a critical wildlife area, which is roped off during the nesting season when terns and shorebirds come to nest. However, the park forms part of the Great Florida Birding Trail where visitors can find out more about the park’s conservation efforts and the types of birds to be seen.

It must be noted that day visitors are not allowed to bring their dogs along with them. Visitors that camp in the park can bring their pets, but they must be kept firmly on a leash and must never be left alone.

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Huguenot Memorial Park Reviews

Huguenot Memorial Park reviews are excellent, with many saying that the beach is beautiful, as well as the wildlife they spotted during their visit. Comments were made about the many birds, hermit crabs, squid and fish to be seen. However, some recommended visitors keep their shoes on when walking on the beach. 

Others commented on how much they enjoyed the many sandbars at the beach, which they said looked like mini islands. They were allowed to drive on to the beach and have a barbeque. The kids thoroughly enjoyed swimming here.

Many said how efficient and friendly the park staff is and very helpful with questions or help. Others said the park is the perfect place to camp, at least for one night. As the park has been affected by hurricanes in the past, some reviewers commented on how well it has recovered since. They thoroughly enjoyed fishing in the park.

Top 9 Kid Activities in Jacksonville Florida for Families

Jacksonville is a great place to visit because there are so many attractions to choose from.  It has attractions that accommodate people of all ages. Family vacations or trips are an exciting time to take the kids to some of the best places in town.  This guide will help you choose the best kid activities in Jacksonville, FL.  

Kid Activities in Jacksonville

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Museums and History:

While in Jacksonville, it would be a good idea to take the kids to some of Jacksonville’s museums.  Learning about history is fun and educational. There are so many museums to choose from that you are sure to find one that will fit with your family.  



MOSH stands for Museum of Science and History, so if you have some science lovers in your family, you may want to add this to your list of kid activities in Jacksonville, FL to visit.  You may want to check out some of the events they have going on while you are in town. There are many exhibits to visit while you are there.

Health in Motion interactive exhibit where your child can learn about how lifestyle and environment can impact your health in the long run.  

JEA Powerplay exhibit is another cool exhibit where your child will learn about the diverse energy sources.  

The Florida Naturalist’s Center is great for those nature spy.  It gives them a chance to get hands-on experience with many special animals like opossums and amphibians. 

In the Hixon Native Plant Courtyard, you will find that your nature lover will enjoy seeing the native plants of Florida.  They encourage awareness and prevention of the region’s native species.   

Kidspace was designed especially for kids under the age of five.  It is a great place for the little ones to enjoy themselves while learning about science and nature.  

The Space Science Gallery is a great place for kids who have an interest in space.  In the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, science and history will be explained in interesting ways.  In the MOSH Planetarium, your child will enjoy many special exhibits.  

Of course, there are more exhibits at MOSH.  If you are interested this is one of the kid activities in Jacksonville, FL that you will not want your science and nature lover to miss out on.

Phone: +1 (904) 396-6674
Address: 1025 Museum Cir Jacksonville, FL 32207


2. Jacksonville “Hands-On” Children’s Museum

This is a great museum for children of all ages, that promotes hands-on learning.  The museum helps motivate cognitive, physical and social skills while enjoying beneficial interactivity with peers and other adults.  The museum also encourages motivation by observation, inquiry, creative construction, role-playing, problem-solving and free play.  

Phone: +1 (904) 642-2688
Address: 8580 Beach Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32216


3. Tree Hill Nature Center

Tree Hill Nature Center is located in the center of Jacksonville, and it is a great way to experience fun for the whole family while enjoying the great outdoors.  There are more than 50 acres of trails, butterfly and hummingbird gardens and a Florida Natural History Museum, as well as many different native wildlife. There is plenty to keep you and your family busy at Tree Hill Nature Center.

Phone: +1 (904) 724-4646
Address: 7152 Lone Star Rd Jacksonville, FL 32211


4. Amelia Island Museum of History

There is so much going on at the Amelia Island Museum of History that there is always something happening on third street.  The museum is located inside the old Nassau county jail, which is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. Plenty is happening that you will not want to miss these kid activities in Jacksonville, FL.  

Ghost Tour:  If your kids are older, your family may enjoy some of Amelia Island’s ghost stories as you are guided through some talented storytelling adventures.  It will seem as if the past comes alive. The tour will start in the cemetery behind St. Peters Episcopal church every Friday.

Research Library:  Here, you will find an extensive collection of books, photographs, documents, and artifacts that tell the history of Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island and all of Nassau County.

Phone: +1 (904) 261-7378
Address: 233 S 3rd St Fernandina Beach, FL 32034


 Wildlife Attractions:

There are so many places to visit for those who would rather spend their time outdoors enjoying nature and wildlife.  


1. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Here is one of the kid activities in Jacksonville, FL that your child will not want to miss.  

Zookeeper for the Day:  Being a zookeeper sounds like a lot of fun.  If your child is curious about what it takes to be a zookeeper and is 14 or older, this will be a great experience while you are at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.  A special name badge will be given to each guest zookeeper, and they will get the opportunity to take a picture with an animal of their choice.  

Butterfly Hollow:  This is a magical place for everyone to enjoy.  You will get the chance to see some of Florida’s native butterfly species including Monarchs, Buckeyes, Red Admirals, Julias, White Peacocks, along with others.  

Stingray Bay:  Here is your chance to get your hands wet with this activity at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.  You will get the opportunity to meet cow nose rays, bluntnose rays, Atlantic rays and guitarfish during your visit.  

Wildlife Carousel:  Children age 12 and under will enjoy a ride on the Wildlife Carousel.  The carousel has already become a classic because it has every child’s favorite animals. 

Phone: +1 (904) 757-4463
Address: 370 Zoo Pkwy Jacksonville, FL 32218


2. The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary was rated number one in the things to do in Jacksonville. This is one of the kid activities in Jacksonville, FL that you will not want your child to miss.  The main focus at The Catty Shack Ranch is to rescue exotic animals from life-threatening situations and provide them a safe, loving, forever homes for the endangered exotic cats. You will get the perfect opportunity to learn about the predicament these endangered animals are facing in the wild as well as in captivity.  You may get the chance to catch a feeding of more than 600 pounds of meat throughout the sanctuary. There will be plenty of excitement and roaring going on during this time that you may want to put this on the top of your list of kid activities in Jacksonville, FL.

Phone: +1 (904) 757-3603
Address: 1860 Starratt Rd Jacksonville, FL 32226


Amusement Parks:

There are also many different amusement parks to choose from during your stay at Jacksonville.  Here is one of the top recommended amusement parks in Jacksonville, FL. 


1. Flight Fit and Fun

If your kids enjoy trampolines, they will not want to miss this out on this activity.  Here your child will experience the time of their lives with velocity air sports in a huge room with wall to wall trampolines, a ninja course, air slam basketball, arcade, foam pits, and trapeze.

For children ages 6 and under:  Have a reserved time to jump from 9 am to 10 am, but they are welcome to jump during standard hours as well.  

Teen and Family Nights:  The music comes on and the lights go out, this is an activity you will not want to miss with your family.

Phone: +1 (904) 551-4035
Address: 7022 A-C Skinner Pkwy #200 Jacksonville, FL 32256


 Other Attractions:

During your stay, there are a few more places you may want to add to your kid activities in Jacksonville, FL.  


1. Southbank Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is located on the St. Johns River.  There are over a mile of museums, shops, restaurants along your walk while enjoying nature and the beautiful scenery.  

Phone: +1 (904) 630-2489
Address: 1001 Museum Cir. Jacksonville, FL 32202


2. Fort George Island Cultural State Park

Take the opportunity to visit one of Florida’s State Parks that has been occupied by humans for over 5,000 years.  Visiting this park will give you a chance to go fishing, boating, off-road bicycling and hiking. They also have a visitor center that was once a resort that has been restored.  There are also guided tours that will give you an eco-friendly experience that you will not forget.    

Phone: +1 (904) 251-2320
Address: 12241 Fort George Rd Jacksonville, FL 32226


There are plenty of family and kid activities in Jacksonville, FL.  There are different attractions to appeal to people of all ages. With all of the historic places to visit, museums, outdoor activities and amusement parks, you are sure to find some fun for the whole family to enjoy. 

20 BEST Burgers in Jacksonville, Florida [2022 UPDATED]

When visiting a new city, it can be hard to find great restaurants. When you want a great dining experience, and you want the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida, there is no shortage of great restaurants. With so many options, you will soon realize that many think they have the best burgers in Florida. But how do you know they are the best? This list of the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida is guaranteed to give you some of the most unique flavor experiences that Jacksonville has to offer while also providing some classic burger joints for the traveler who want a no-frills burger.

This list will show you burgers topped with fried eggs, melted brie, chipotle sauce and guacamole, shaved ham and a variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.  Regardless of your preferences, this list takes all the guesswork out of distinguishing the best burgers from the just okay burgers.

Best Burgers in Jacksonville

1. Ted’s Montana Grill

Starting off the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida is Ted’s, Montana Grill. No grill would be complete without some fantastic, juicy burgers and creative flavor profiles. With options like the Fork and Knife Burger, Canon Creek, George’s Classic Cadillac, and an in-house made veggie burger, you will experience unique flavors, fresh ingredients and options for every dinner, including gluten-free buns. 

Phone: +1 904-998-0010
Address: 10281 Midway Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246-7446


2. The French Pantry

Whether you are looking for a classic burger or a gourmet experience, The French Pantry has a unique flavor for every diner. Try the Texas Burger, loaded with Monterey Jack, poblano peppers and guacamole. Or if you’re looking for a gourmet meal, try the Kobe, with cranberry relish, garlic aioli, and a brioche kaiser bun. With so many options, the French Pantry has some of the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida. 

Phone: +1 904-730-8696
Address: 6301 Powers Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32217-2217


3. Metro Diner

This next entry on the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida has a great spread of American cuisine. With items like the Bold City Burger, topped with cheese, bacon and sausage patty, Metro’s Holy Davoli Burger, a patty served between two grilled cheese sandwich buns and the all-American burger, topped with the traditional condiments, you will find adventurous flavors and a great atmosphere. 

Phone: +1 904-398-3701
Address: 3302 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207-5302


4. The Capital Grille 

If you are looking for a great burger but want a high-end dining experience, then the Capital Grille is a logical choice for the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida. With options like the Lobster and Crab Burger with house tartar Sauce, Ribeye Steak Sandwich with caramelized onions and The Grille’s Signature Burger with applewood smoked bacon and Vermont cheddar cheese, get ready for a luxurious night out. 

Phone: +1 904-997-9233
Address: 5197 Big Island Dr. St, Jacksonville, FL 32246-7482


5. Bistro AIX

Experience fantastic French dining and Bistro AIX’s signature X Burger with cheddar cheese, pickles, pickled onions, and chipotle aioli. This is just one of the amazing things you will find on their menu and why this restaurant makes the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida. This location is perfect for the burger lover and French cuisine fond looking for a great burger and wonderful service. 

Phone: +1 904-398-1949
Address: 144 San Marcos Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207-8551


6. Picasso’s

This next restaurant on the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida is serious about making their food an “art form.” Enjoy a burger made with fresh ingredients and their signature Pablo sauce. With a variety of options featuring some of the best in Italian and American cuisine, Picasso’s with satiate your appetite for juicy beef delicacies as you enjoy the many attractions in Jacksonville Florida. 

Phone: +1 904-880-0811
Address: 10503 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32257-6295


7. M Shack

If you’re looking for one of the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida, you need to try an M Shack burger made with fresh, 100% beef patties made in-house daily. Indulge in burgers like the Sunrise Burger, Portobello Truffle Burger, the Insanity Burger, featuring two fully loaded patties. There is also a house-made veggie burger, for the vegetarian diner. M Shack also has a gluten-free bun, so every diner can experience M Shack’s creative flavors.

Phone: +1 904-642-5000
Address: 10281 Midtown Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246-7415


8. Wicked Barley

If you want a restaurant with a variety of unique burger creations, look no further than Wicked Barley. Try the Wicked Burger, featuring caramelized sherry onions and a brioche bun, the Bratwurst, featuring veal and pork bratwurst on a pretzel bun, and for the vegetarian and vegan diners, try the new Impossible Burger on a brioche bun. With a menu option for everyone and drink-pairing recommendations for every dish, Wicked Barley is a great place to relax with friends and fill your stomach. 

Phone: +1 904-379-7077
Address: 4100 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32217-4602


9. Jumpin’ Jax House of Food

With an exclusive burger menu offering delicious burger sides like sweet-tangy slaw, sweet fries, onion rings, and JAX fries, you will experience complex flavor profiles and juicy all-beef patties. Try the Duval, featuring your choice of two cheeses and pickle chips, the Smokehouse Burger, featuring pecan wood smoked bacon and honey balsamic grilled onions and the HOF Dynamite Burger, with garlic aioli, sliced jalapenos and their signature JAX sauce. Thrill your taste buds as you experience some of the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida.  

Phone: +1 904-638-1341
Address: 10131 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257-5857


10. BurgerFi

When searching for the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida, a restaurant dedicated to great burgers is the perfect place to look.  BurgerFi has gourmet 100% Angus beef burgers, house-made veggie burgers and vegan options like the Beyond Burger. Finish your dinner with some of BurgerFi’s specialty custards and shakes. With names like the CEO, the Breakfast All-Day Burger, and the Conflicted Burger, you should be ready for some unique flavors at this classic burger joint. 

Phone: +1 904-355-3066
Address: 108 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32202-4969


11. Lola’s Burrito & Burger Joint

The next entry on the list brings the flavors of Mexican cuisine to the classic burger joint atmosphere. Experience some of the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida and polish them off with Lola’s signature burritos. With menu items like The Los, The Cajun, and the Poblano Blue, your appetite is in for a treat with complex flavor combinations and authentic Mexican tastes. 

Phone: +1 904-738-7181
Address: 1522 King St, Jacksonville, FL 32204-4514


12. Epik Burger

If you’re looking for the best of the best, then Epik Burger, crowned with the title of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida, has taken burgers to a whole new level. Try the famous Alchemy Burger featuring a hand-ground, locally farmed, marbled beef patty, Truffle butter, and locally sourced bacon, this burger guarantees a once in a lifetime flavor experience that is built with care. But, if the price of the Alchemy Burger stops you in your tracks, there are plenty of other options, including a Guac Vegan Burger, that have helped this restaurant earn its title. 

Phone: +1 904-374-7326
Address: 12740 Atlantic Blvd Ste 105, Jacksonville, FL 32225-6214


13. Grub Burger Bar 

When looking for the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida, the Grub Burger Bar offers some of the best flavors in Jacksonville, paired with unique sides like black bean and charred corn and bacon mac and cheese. Featuring burgers like the Maverick, Beyond Burger Patty with garlic aioli, the Texas Luau, topped with pulled pork and pineapple, and the Guacapotle, topped with chipotle aioli and house-made guacamole, these are just a few of the many fantastic burgers you will find at the family-friendly burger bar. 

Phone: +1 904-562-2828
Address: 5906 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246-8593


14. Col. Mustard’s Phat Burgers

This restaurant guarantees a burger that is “98% burger, 2% bun,” making it a must-have on the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida. With great flavor combos like the Yo Baby, topped with thousand island dressing and coleslaw, the Nacho, covered with bacon, fried onions and nacho cheese, or the Bulldog, dripping with teriyaki sauce and pineapple, you will excite your senses and stuff your stomach at this classic burger joint. 

Phone: +1 904-247-5747
Address: 1722 3rd St. N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250-7468


15. Pine Grove Market Deli

At the Pine Grove Deli, you will experience some of the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida from an establishment that has “been in the beef business for over 40 years.” Try one of their specialty burgers. Choose between a quarter or half-pound burger and add your choice of a variety of toppings. If that’s not enough to satisfy your appetite, try one of the many housemade sides like hummus, tabouli, onion rings, and Greek pasta salad. 

Phone: +1 904-389-8655
Address: 1511 Pine Grove Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205-8919
Website:  Facebook Page


16. PDQ Bartram Park

If you’re looking for a great burger that tests the standards of burgers, this next entry on the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida wants to challenge your tastes with a full range of chicken burgers. Whether crispy or grilled, this location has some unique flavors like Honey Butter, dipped in homemade honey butter and topped with butter pickles, or try the Cali Club topped with homemade ranch, bacon, and avocado. 

Phone: +1 904-758-3326
Address: 13702 Old Saint Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258-2446


17. Hamburger Mary’s 

At Hamburger Mary’s, you get more than just a great burger, you will experience a variety of fun events like Hambingo, adult bingo night and karaoke. Add this to a variety of burger options like all-beef patties, turkey burgers, Beyond burgers and veggie burgers, there is something for every burger lover out there. With so many options, you may not know what to choose, so try the Burger of the Month, guaranteed to offer you the best Hamburger Mary’s has to offer. 

Phone: +1 904-551-2048
Address: 3333 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207-3805


18. Whataburger

With this next entry on the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida, the name says it all. Whataburger offers the best in burgers and a great dining experience. Try the classic Whataburger, topped with lettuce tomato and onion, double or triple the meat to beef up your meal and for a unique flavor, try the avocado bacon burger, topped with avocado, bacon and creamy sauce. 

Phone: +1 904-693-0181
Address: 7755 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221


19. Graffiti Junktion American Burger Bar

Graffiti Junktion offers great desserts and a fantastic burger experience. Try a classic Graffiti Burger like the Iron City, topped with shaved ham, fried egg, and sauteed onions, or try a Graffiti Classic Burger like the Bison Burger or Beyond Burger. For even more flavor combinations, try a Graffiti Stackable Burger featuring two all-beef patties loaded with a variety of toppings like melted brie, fried eggs, and Canadian bacon. 

Phone: +1 904-372-9985
Address: 265 5th Ave N, Jacksonville, FL 32250-7024


20. Five Guys

With hand-cut french fries, 100% all-beef patties made daily and milkshakes made with hand-scooped ice cream, Five Guys offers a great dining experience worthy of the list of best burgers in Jacksonville Florida. Try a classic cheeseburger or the bacon burger. Looking for a twist, Five Guys has a variety of add-ons like grilled mushrooms, onions or jalapenos. Five Guys also offers sauteed veggie sandwiches for vegetarian and vegan diners. 

Phone: +1 904-493-5414
Address: 10061 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257-5835



Now that you know all the great flavors that Jacksonville has to offer, you are ready to start your night on the town with one of the many restaurants featuring the best burgers in Jacksonville Florida. Whether you are looking for a classic burger, experimental flavor combinations, or you need some alternative vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options, this is one list you do not want to lose on your trip to Jacksonville Florida. Whether you are on a family vacation, business trip or just want to check this great destination off of your bucket list, you can be certain that your visit will not be flavorless.

Romantic Things to do in Jacksonville FL on a Date

Every couple deserves the perfect getaway. Jacksonville is a busy city that is located on Florida’s Atlantic coast.  In Jacksonville, you will find plenty of sensational accommodations, delectable dining options, mesmerizing wine bars, and astonishing beach views.   

There are so many romantic things to do in Jacksonville FL, that it may be overwhelming to find the right places to visit.  If you are visiting Jacksonville on a romantic getaway, this guide will help you find the best possible places to take your significant other.  

Romantic Things to do in Jacksonville FL

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Romantic Accommodations:

One of the romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL, is to find the best accommodations for you and your loved one.  There are so many choices to choose from, and settling for the perfect place to spend your romantic getaway can be tough.    

One Ocean Resort and Spa

This Atlantic Beach Resort has it all.  From the luxurious spa at One Ocean to the superlative service and award-winning catering, you will enjoy staying at One Ocean Resort and Spa.  It is fully accessible and has paid parking and free wifi. They also offer laundry and room services. One Ocean Resort is pet-friendly. It also has a golf course for the guys who do not care about going to the spa.  You can end your evening to relaxing in the hot tub, or a walk by the beach. Whatever you choose to do, you will love your stay here.  

Phone:  (904) 249-7402
Address:  1 Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233


Club Continental

At Club Continental, you will experience a historic bed and breakfast getaway that is located in Orange Park.  They have a restaurant, pool, and a bar/lounge, as well as free wifi and free parking. The rooms come fully equipped with more than what you will need during your stay.  Staying here, you will get more than a typical hotel experience. The staff is friendly, and the property is stunning. This is among one of the romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL that you will not want to miss.  

Phone:  (800) 877-6070
Address:  2143 Astor St Orange Park, FL 32073


Villas of Amelia Island Plantation

During your stay at the Villas of Amelia Island Plantation, you will have direct access to Fernandina Beach, so you can enjoy your evening relaxing by the beach watching the breathtaking sunset.  You will also find a spa, golf course, and two pools. You will have 9 restaurants to choose from, so your dining choices are unlimited. You will not be disappointed with your stay here.  

Phone:  (904) 261-6161
Address:  8 Amelia Village Cir Fernandina Beach, FL 32034


Date Night Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL:

Another one of the romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL, is to visit some of the best restaurants.  There are many different kinds of cuisine to choose from, and there are plenty of restaurants to visit, but since you are on a romantic getaway, you may not want to miss some of these.  


Cantina Laredo

At Cantina Laredo, you will have the chance to experience Mexican cuisine to its finest.  While you are there, you will not want to miss out on their award-winning margarita, called the Casa Rita.  It is made from fresh lime juice and select tequila. It is also recommended to try the guacamole, which is made at your tableside.  

Phone:  (904) 997-6110
Address:  10282 Bistro Drive Jacksonville, FL 32246


Southern Charm

Since you have come to the south, there is no place better to eat than a place that serves southern cuisine.  At Southern Charm, you will find southern-style barbecue and seafood. A weekend and the lunch buffet are also available.  Eating at this restaurant is like eating at a friend’s house because of the friendly staff. You will not want to miss this southern cuisine if you are visiting Jacksonville.

Phone:   (904) 517-3637
Address:  3566 St Augustine Rd Jacksonville, FL 32207


Restaurant Orsay

Many people rely on first impressions.  At Restaurant Orsay, you will experience fine dining using French techniques with some Southern influences as well as wonderful flavors that will make you want to dine there again.  The atmosphere is casual, so there is no need to feel like you have to get dressed up. It is recommended to try their duck breasts. You will not be disappointed.  

Phone:  (904) 381-0909
Address:  3630 Park St Jacksonville, FL 32205



At Taverna, you will experience modern elucidation of classic recipes using Italian ingredients.  You can also choose to dine outside and enjoy the scenery since it is located in an older part of Jacksonville.  It is recommended that guests try exploring the Kiley Wynne Efron’s Wine Spectator award-winning wine list to complete your Taverna experience.  If you don’t have the time to dine in, no worries, you can order out. You can order from the counter or have it delivered to you.  

Phone:  (904) 398-3005
Address:  1986 San Marco Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207


Places for Couples to Visit:

There are plenty of romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL. There are many attractions that can be found in Jacksonville, choosing the right one for you and your significant other can seem like a hard decision, but here are some places you may not want to miss out on.  You and your significant other are sure to have the best time possible.  


Amelia Island

On Amelia Island, you will find many romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL.  The options are up to you whether you want to take an art walk around historic Fernandina Beach, or go kayaking in the waterways, Amelia beach has what you need to get the most out of your time with your significant other.  

Artrageous Artwalk:

Phone(suggest a number)
Address:  Amelia Island FL 32034

Amelia Island Kayak Excursions:

Phone:  904-557-5307
Address:  Fernandina Beach Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 


River Road Jacksonville, FL

River Road is one of the romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL that has many different attractions to suit anyone.  Enjoy the Jacksonville Riverwalks, which is over a mile of attractions to choose from, you and your partner are sure to find something interesting to do with your time together.  You will find museums, shops, restaurants and bars along your walk while enjoying nature and the breathtaking scenery.  

Phone:  (904) 630-2489
Address:  1001 Museum Cir Jacksonville, FL 32207


Friendship Fountain

Friendship Fountain is located in St Johns River Park.  When it opened, it was the world’s largest and tallest fountain.  It is another one of the romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL, that you may want to visit. 

Phone:  (904) 630-2489
Address: 1015 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207


Tullie K. Fowler Park

If you enjoy being outdoors, hiking and enjoying the scenery, you may want to check out the Tullie K. Fowler Park.  The park also has historical attractions and it is also another one of the romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL, that appeals to the couples who enjoy being outdoors.

Phone:  (904) 573-2498
Address:  7000 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32244


Now and Zen Sailing Charters

Sunset cruises and sailing were rated one of the top 10 romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL in USA Today.  You can charter for overnight, a weekend, a week or more for up to 4 people. There are plenty of places to explore that you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to watch the sunset with your loved one.  

Phone:  (904) 803-8843
Address:  4238 Lakeside Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32210


Lounge 26 Jax

For the couples that would enjoy the ultimate Sunday gameday experience, you won’t want to miss out on this Vegas-style lounge.  There is a new theme each Sunday, and karaoke as well. This is among one of the romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL.  

Phone:  (904) 480-7493
Address:  3535 St. Johns Bluff Road, Jacksonville, FL 32224



Jacksonville is full of attractions for everyone.  There are plenty of romantic accommodations that appeal to couples of many different preferences.  Dining in Jacksonville is not a hard choice because it has cuisine to fit any of your wants. You will also find many interesting places to visit during your romantic getaway.  There are many romantic things to do in Jacksonville, FL that will make the romantic getaway one that you will never forget.    

Times Union Center Jacksonville Performing Arts Review

times union center jacksonville

Phone: +1 904-633-6110
Address: 300 Water St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, United States


The Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts nestles along the Riverbank in downtown Jacksonville and is known as the city’s premier riverfront entertainment facility.

The Times-Union Center Jacksonville in a hub for community and professional artistry in the city and supports a wide range of entertainment options. These include touring Broadway shows, corporate sessions, community recitals and performances by symphony orchestras. The Times-Union Center Jacksonville’s address is the perfect riverfront location to make it the finest performance venue in the city.

There are several rooms available in the Times-Union Center Jacksonville, including the Moran Theater, where Broadway shows are staged, along with music concerts, including hip-hop, rock, and gospel. Ballet and opera performances are also staged here and the theater seats 2,900 patrons.

Home of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, the Jacoby Symphony Hall has excellent acoustics for all orchestral performances and seats up to 1,800 guests. Theater and dance performances and comedy shows are held at the Terry Theater in the complex, which seats 600 people and is a more intimate setting.

Examples of current offerings at the center include “Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party!” for the children, “Family Feud – Live Stage Show,” “The Simon & Garfunkel Story” and “A Bronx Tale.”  Times Union Center Jacksonville ticket prices range from $15 to $52, depending on the show

The Times-Union Center Jacksonville offers a massive 20,000 ft of reception space for all social events, meetings, and dinners. Menu selections are tailored to every event and are catered by Savor…Jacksonville.

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Times Union Center Jacksonville Reviews

Times Union Center Jacksonville reviews place the center as being a clean, modern venue for theatrical plays and other shows with a friendly atmosphere. The program content was said to be professional and tasteful and that it was an all-around pleasant experience.

A family found their experience to be awesome, saying it was their daughter’s first concert experience and she thoroughly enjoyed it. The center staff was lauded as being very friendly and helpful. Other reviewers thoroughly enjoyed their concert experience at the Times Union Center Jacksonville. One did say the beers were a little expensive at $8 but that food and non-alcoholic beverages were priced at a more reasonable $4. However, others did say at $4, even those prices were steep as you had to pay that for a bottle of water. Some visitors said the food selection was rather limited with items like cinnamon pecan nuts and pretzels, but that they were delicious.

Visitors to the center found the acoustics to be very good and the climate temperature to be comfortable, not freezing cold like so many other theaters. Seats are reportedly very comfortable, although some reviewers suggested that cup holders would be useful, as the first person coming out of the row knocked over a woman’s drink with their foot, soaking the carpet.

Several people noted that it was very convenient to be dropped off and collected at the theater, rather than driving around looking for parking. 

Lexington Hotel Jacksonville Conference Center Review

lexington hotel jacksonville

Phone: +1 904-396-5100
Address:  1515 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207, United States

  • Check-in Times
  • Room Rates

Check-In: From 4:00 pm

Check Out: Up to 11:00 am

Lexington Hotel Jacksonville rates range from $143 for a Deluxe 1 King Bedroom to $152 for a Deluxe 1 King Bedroom with a pool view or balcony with a river view.


Lexington Hotel & Conference Center Jacksonville Riverwalk is ideally placed in downtown Jacksonville and has recently been extensively renovated. 

The boutique-style Lexington Hotel Jacksonville is set near the San Marco district on the south bank of the St. Johns River. Transport options near the hotel include the Skyway Express Monorail and the St. Johns River Taxi. 

The Lexington Hotel Jacksonville address is close to the major attractions of the city, including the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History (MOSH), the Museum of Art and Gardens, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Jacksonville Riverwalk and Friendship Fountain Park and other major attractions.

The Jacksonville property is among the largest hotels in the city and features a swimming pool and courtyard, a fitness center and a conference center. The property also offers several dining opportunities, including Pier 1515 Restaurant, serving American cuisine with a southern touch and Chart House Restaurant, serving steaks and seafood with beautiful river views. Guests can enjoy cocktails and regional cuisine at Southbank Johnnie’s. For those who prefer to eat in, the hotel gives the option of 24-hour in-room dining.

Comfortably appointed non-smoking rooms at the Lexington Hotel Jacksonville offer queen- or king-size beds. They feature a 42” flat-screen satellite TV with HBO, a mini-fridge, Keurig coffee maker and a working desk with a lamp. Rooms offer a safe, large enough to fit a standard laptop and free Wi-Fi is available throughout. En-suite bathrooms feature a hairdryer and a shower, with select rooms offering a bathtub.

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Lexington Hotel Jacksonville Reviews

Lexington Hotel Jacksonville reviews are generally good. clients give the hotel a rating of 8.3 “very good” from 769 reviews. Google gives the hotel 3.9/5 “good” from 1,372 reviews and Tripadvisor members gave a rating of 4.0, “very good,” from 764 reviews.

Most guests wrote that the hotel was clean and modern and very conveniently placed for Jacksonville attractions. 

Reviewers state the beds are very comfortable and the shower water pressure is good. Most said the air conditioning worked well, but several reviewers had a problem with the air conditioning and hotel staff gave them a fan to use, which was very noisy. Others had problems with the TV, lamp or phone in their rooms and front desk staff apologized and gave them complimentary breakfast tickets.

The hotel’s parking appears to be a problem as some guests found it difficult to find their cars, saying the parking area was like a maze. Others said the lighting in the parking garage is poor, making it difficult to find your way around.

A group that attended a military reunion in Jacksonville filled most of the hotel. Some of their members had no working TV or phone. The reviewer said the hotel was not well prepared for the large group having breakfast at the same time and that the waiting staff was very disorganized.

Metropolitan Park Jacksonville [Reviews & Information]

metropolitan park jacksonville

Phone: +1 904-630-3690
Address: 1410 Gator Bowl Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32202, United States

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission Fee

24 – hours

10 – 80 USD depending on the event being held


Metropolitan Park Jacksonville is a famous spot for all sorts of festivals you would ever think of. While on a tour to this place you will likely come across various events in an ambiance with plenty of shade, fantastic vendor shops and a large area with well-manicured lawns to seat as you enjoy your concerts.

The Metropolitan Park Jacksonville is right on the bank of the St. Johns River where you will be guaranteed to enjoy some scenic views of the landscape while you indulge in some fresh air. You will also find decent parking options with easy exiting after the events which creates an efficient way to move about in the park.

Metropolitan Park Jacksonville Reviews

This park boasts one of the largest arrays of social amenities for public use as you enjoy your concerts. There are washrooms all around the venue and shops to get some bites which you’ll find quite efficient while having fun in the park. There are Ubers nearby so your movement in and out of this place is pretty easy compared to many other places.

You might need to carry some extra cash since the food here is a little pricey but nevertheless it is worth the penny. The sound is quite audible so you can move about the venue as you listen to your favorite artists play at the main stage. 

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If you love the thrill of live events blended with fantastic crowds, the Metropolitan Park Jacksonville is the ultimate stopover to enjoy all that and more. The lush landscapes coupled up with the superb events bring life to this place which normally quiets giving it a flair of style and elegance for revelers to indulge in. 

Tag your party friends and come and enjoy all the never-ending marvels in the Metropolitan Park Jacksonville for a breakaway from your hustles and bustles. This is one place you will want to come back again after you sample one of its events which always leaves people wanting more! 

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena (VyStar) Reviews

jacksonville veterans memorial arena

Phone: +1 904-630-3900
Address: 300 A Philip Randolph Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32202, United States

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission Fee

This arena is open from Monday to Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday

15 – 95 USD depending on the event


The Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena is an ultra-modern entertainment arena in Jacksonville, Florida that holds up to 15,000 people. Having been built in 2003, this arena has been home to the Jacksonville Sharks, The Florida Hall of fame and the ECHL Icemen who have always kept this place flooded with masses coming to enjoy the live-action. 

Even more, the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena has offered a stage to some of the big names in the entertainment industry such as Elton John, Pink, Garth Brooks, Kevin Hart, Jason Aldean, Rhianna, Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disney On Ice, Pearl Jam, and many more. This is a place that will make you understand the meaning of an entertainment haven.

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena Reviews

If you are coming to enjoy an event in this place you need to come well prepared to come across large crowds of people if you are not a crowd person it might be a little scary at first. Nevertheless, you will have a fun time if you come with your friends who you can look out for each other. There are vendors selling food and also some restaurants around the Jacksonville Veterans memorial arena during events that will cut you down the movements to go pick up food during an event.

In case you are lost, there are attendants who are always ready to help you in case you need any assistance around the arena. Finally, as you know by now, this is a spot that’s filled with crowds and with events comes different types of people there you need to take care of your belongings while here. 

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There are so many places which you ought to check out while visiting Florida but the Jacksonville veterans memorial arena is a must-see. This is the one place where you are likely to catch the liveliest events in this city not forgetting mind-blowing performances that you’ll find here. Plan a day and grab a ticket with your friends or family to come and enjoy some of the most mind-blowing performances that will leave you mesmerized. 

If you are a lover of some lively crowds and action, the Jacksonville veterans memorial arena will offer you all that and more. You will be guaranteed to find an event all year round so all you need to do is come ready to indulge in the ultimate live entertainment experience in this part of America. This is a place you will get some nostalgic memories that you will want to relieve for sure.