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How Many Hours is Jacksonville From Orlando

The total travel time between Jacksonville and Orlando is 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Total distance: 140 miles

Road Trip From Orlando to Jacksonville

Driving to Jacksonville from Orlando can be made extremely fun and interactive, don’t just try and make it in one trip, make a few stops for eating and enjoy the road trip. It is a fun opportunity for you and your friends or family to make the most of a long journey by creating memories along the road. Firstly, stop at Daytona Beach and visit the Museum of Arts & Sciences along with many more historical sites and monuments. Then your next big stop would be St Augustine and there you can pleasure your stomach and enjoy amazing cuisine in grand restaurants. And then visit the Castillo De San Marcos National Monument. 

Directions to Jacksonville From Orlando

1. Follow Main St N to FL-10 E for 5mins and then

  • Head north toward E State St for a short distance of 262feet
  • Turn left onto E State St for a stretch 164feet
  • Turn left onto Main St N for about 0.9miles and then
  • Continue onto FL-10 E for another 0.6miles, after

2. Follow I-95 S and I-4 W to E Anderson St in Orlando. Take exit 82B from I-4 W. you will drive for approximately 2 hours before reaching your next key stop

  • Use the middle lane to merge onto FL-10 E drive for 0.6miles
  • Keep left to continue toward I-95 S drive for 0.1miles and then
  • Merge onto I-95 S for a long stretch of 86.6miles thereafter you will
  • Use the right 2 lanes to take the exit toward I-4 W for 0.4miles
  • Keep left to continue on Exit 260 B-A, follow signs for I-4 W/Orlando and merge onto I-4 W and drive for another distance of 50.6miles
  • Take exit 82B toward E Anderson St and drive for 0.3miles

3. Continue on E Anderson St. Drive to W South St. this will be a short drive of only 2 minutes

  • Use the middle lane to turn left onto E Anderson St and drive for 0.2miles
  • Turn left onto Boone Ave for another 0.1miles and then
  • Turn right onto W South St and in 292feet you will reach your destination

Orlando to Jacksonville Train

The trip from Orlando to Jacksonville is 125.12miles. One of the best ways to do the trip is via train if you’re not up for a long drive yourself. Take along a good book and restock your iPod with the latest and newest music. The Amtrak Silver Service is the best and fastest way to get to Jacksonville. The Amtrak covers the distance in 3 hours 11 minutes. However, the train clocks every 4 hours, station to station so prepare yourself for a 2-day trip. It would be the perfect weekend getaway, spending most of the time on the train and other stops along the way. Travel on a Monday if you want to have peace and quiet. Saturdays the train trip is the busiest, so plan ahead and book a ticket for a Monday to have a pleasant and harmonious trip. 

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