20 BEST Places to Eat in Columbus NE [2022 UPDATED]

Columbus, Nebraska, is a great place to take your family on vacation. There are plenty of things to do here. Bring a camera. The scenery is picture-perfect. If you’re a bridge fan, you’ll want to check out the Columbus Loup River Bridge.

Take your family to one of the local parks or hike a local trail. Columbus’ trails range from 1.3 miles to two miles in length, making them the perfect length for a family walk. Don’t forget to take in the many historical sites, such as the Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial.

Were you getting hungry? We got you covered. We compiled a list of the best places to eat in Columbus NE just for you! Whether you want to eat burgers and fries at a historic pub or have breakfast inside a renovated church, you’ll find it here.

There are also many recognizable chain restaurants for fast, affordable meals. Nebraska may be the steak mecca of America, but Columbus has something for everyone in the family.


1) Dusters Restaurant

best places to eat in Columbus NE
Photo of a salad by RitaE courtesy of pixaby.com

Located in the old brick Gottberg Auto Company building, Dusters is a quaint historic-style restaurant with modern foods. Although they’re best known for their amazing salads, they serve great American-style food. Try a sandwich or delicious beef stroganoff with a glass of wine. Finish with raspberry, white chocolate, and cheese Brule. They also have great waitstaff and fast service.

Phone: 402-564-8338
Address: 2804 13th St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: dustersrestaurant.com


2) El Mezcal

best places to eat in columbus ne
Photo by Alfonso Charles courtesy of Pixabay.com.

Want something tasty, fast, and inexpensive? Try El Mezcal. Start with some warm tortillas with a side of salsa. From the sizzling fajitas to their signature margarita, everything here pleases your tastebuds. Even on a busy day, you can get seated in a reasonable amount of time. You even leave with enough change in your pocket to hit the town.

Phone:  402-562-7455
Address: 1012 E 23rd St, Columbus, NE 68601-3867
Website: mezcalne.com


3) Husker Steak House

Best places to eat in Columbus NE
Photo by Ji-Yeon Yun courtesy of Pixabay.com

Don’t let the 1970s steakhouse exterior fool you. Husker Steak House, known for its fantastic service, has the best steaks in Nebraska. From an enormous 12-ounce prime rib sandwich or a 14-ounce ribeye cooked to perfection, there is something for every steak lover. Even the sides are good here. Want to enjoy more? Huskers also have a full bar.

Phone: 402-564-4121
Address: 1754 33rd Ave., Columbus, NE 68601
Website: huskersteakhouse.com


4) Glur’s Tavern

Best places to eat in Columbus NE
Photo by Edwin Grosvenor courtesy of Wikimedia.

Glur’s Tavern is more than a rundown looking building. It looks like a dive on the inside too. This is one of the oldest restaurants in the country. There’s a rumor that Buffalo Bill frequented Glur’s.Regardless of the building’s rough appearance and fried sides in paper containers, Glur’s has the freshest burgers for miles around.

Phone: 402-564-8615
Address: 2301 11th St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website facebook.com/Glurs-Tavern


5) Godfather’s Pizza

Best places to eat in Columbus NE
Photo by Farhan Shujon courtesy of Pixabay.com

If you’re looking for a great place to get fast food and plenty of it, Godfather’s Pizza is the restaurant for you. Its pizza buffet is chockfull of tasty pizzas from the all-meat pizza to the cracker-thin crust taco pizza; there’s something for everyone. Even a nice sweet cinnamon monkey bread. Bring cash because cards are not accepted here.

Phone: 402-564-8515
Address: 770 33rd Ave, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: godfathers.com


6) Picket Fence Cafe

Image by Susan B. courtesy of Pixabay.com.

The Picket Fence Café is a cozy diner-style restaurant. Want something unique, but comforting served by a fast and friendly waitstaff? Try their black forest muffins. From the French toast to the Rueben, picket fence sells typical diner fare. Be sure to check out their daily special whiteboard for something a little different.

Phone: 402-563-3915
Address: 2714 13th St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: facebook.com/picketfencecafecolumbusne


7) Pizza Ranch

Photo by Diego Marin courtesy of Pixabay.com

This is not another family-style pizza buffet. Well, yes, it is, but the pizza isn’t the star of the show here. It’s their chicken. The always fresh, stocked buffet includes pizza, chicken, potatoes, a salad bar, and dessert. There are plenty of choices at Pizza Ranch. Eat-in or order pick up and relax with a delicious meal in your hotel room.

Phone: 402-564-8131
Address: 2266 33rd Ave, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: pizzaranch.com


8) Runza

Image by rayb777 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Runza is a franchise that was founded in and remains in Nebraska with some locations in neighboring states. They do this to ensure you get the freshest food around. Everything they make is fresh. Burgers are made to order. Be sure to try their most popular sandwich, the cheese Runza. The Columbus, NE location is immaculately clean inside and outside the restaurant. This is one of the best places to eat in Columbus NE.

Phone: 402-563-3767
Address: 1944 33rd Ave, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: www.runza.com


9) Gottberg Brew Pub

Image by Ammodramus courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Gottberg Brew Pub is part of Dusters. The atmosphere is modern industrial. Copper-topped tables are paired with metal chairs. The bar is lined with metal tractor chairs, and a tractor belt spins the overhead fans. While there, order a home-brewed ale in a frosty glass. There’s also fresh-brewed root beer for the teetotalers and children. The menu ranges from burgers and sandwiches to surf and turf.

Phone: 402-562-6488
Address: 2804 13th St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: dustersrestaurant.com


10) The Broken Mug

Image by gadost0 courtesy of Pixabay.com

Located in a renovated church, the Broken Mug is the perfect spot for a cozy get together or business gathering. There are family seating and a comfortable sofa section. From fancy brews, smoothies, and unique blends to iced coffee, there’s a drink for everyone. Coffee is not all they do right. Try their amazing sandwiches, avocado toast, or salad.  Check their Facebook page for daily specials.

Phone: 402-835-5504
Address: 2200 28th Ave, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: facebook.com/brokenmugcoffeeshop


11) El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant

Image by Constanze Riechert-Kurtze from Pixabay

For the best fajitas in town checkout El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant. The eye-catching plating of the food tantalizes your sight, but the taste of the food is even better. You can request any of their authentic Mexican dishes to be spiced up or made mild. Don’t forget to add a margarita or giant glass of frothy beer to pair with your meal.

Phone: 402-564-6645
Address: 2721 13th St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: facebook.com/pg/El-Tapatio-Mexican-Restaurant


12) Reg’s 7 Mile SteakHouse

Image by Xieu Mup courtesy of Pixabay.com

A local favorite, Reg’s 7 Mile Steakhouse is a restaurant, convenience store, and more. So, what can you expect here? Big portions and tasty meats. You can get anything from sliced beef with mashed potatoes and gravy to a beautifully cooked t-bone. Why not try a ribeye salad? Everything here is delicious. Between the country’s atmosphere with friendly waitstaff, you’ll feel at home.

Phone: 402-564-8847
Address: Junction of Hwy 81 & 64 7 Miles South of Columbus, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: facebook.com/Regs-7-Mile-SteakHouse


13) Applebees

Image by Elsie Hui courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Applebees provides an inexpensive menu with something for everyone. Enjoy a homey and relaxing atmosphere while you eat. At the Columbus, NE location, the bartenders are amiable, and the staff is helpful. The beer is cold. The mixed drinks aren’t too strong. The cooks make sure your steaks are cooked to your specifications, and the meals come out exactly the way you ordered them.

Phone: 402-562-5123
Address: 328 E 23rd St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: www.applebees.com


14) Fair Park Grille

Image by Engin Akyurt courtesy of Pixabay.com

Fair Park and Grille is a family-friendly restaurant. The manager here runs the restaurant efficiently and ensures the place is clean. The menu includes more than a dozen great burger choices, and they have the best fries in town. Fridays are dedicated to their succulent wings. You can do more than eat her, too. The restaurant provides you with Keno and betting on horse races. Another one of the places to eat in Columbus NE.

Phone: 402-562-7265
Address: 822 15th St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: facebook.com/fairparkgrille1


15) Doozy’s

Image by peperompe courtesy of Pixabay.com

Come to Doozy’s for filling and delicious sandwiches. A favorite of families, this simple-looking sandwich shop has some of the best sandwiches around. Want to be filled? Try the roast beef, ham, and turkey sandwich. The BLTs will make your mouth water, and the French dip is everything you want it to be. Although they are best known for their sandwiches, you can enjoy pizza and pasta here.

Phone: 402-564-0005
Address: 2610 23rd St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: facebook.com/Doozys


16) Burrito King

Image by Jose Vanegas Lopez courtesy of Pixabay.com

Don’t let the wonky mismatched interior fool you. This family-owned and run restaurant boast some of the tastiest Mexican food in Columbus, NE. This is not a chain restaurant fare. The food here is authentically made by a family that knows its customers and what they like. Whether you are trying the queso drenched chimichanga or the Big Belly Burrito, you can’t go wrong here.

Phone: 402-564-9909
Address: 2167 33rd Ave, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: facebook.com/burritouno


17) Golden Dragon Buffet

Image by kahlh courtesy of Pixabay.com

Whether you want a quick takeout meal or to enjoy the buffet, this is the best Chinese in town. Their selections run from American to sushi. The dessert bar has plenty of options, and the seating is comfortable. There’s plenty of walking room, so you don’t have to worry about being cramped while selecting your food. The rates are reasonable for what you get.

Phone: 402-562-6666
Address: 3015 23rd St, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: No Website Available


18) Daylight Donuts

Image by dohnalovajane courtesy of Pixabay.com.

Walking into this donut shop is like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for donuts. The brilliant myriad of colors topping these tantalizing donuts brighten up your day. There is a wide variety of donuts from cereal topped to pretzel topped and almost anything you can imagine. The donuts are packed with unique flavors. For large orders, call ahead as they sell out, and quantities are limited for non-called in orders.

Phone: 402-563-2011
Address: 1266 27th Ave, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: daylightdonuts.com


19) Taco Johns

Best places to eat in Columbus NE
Image by Samuel Fernandez Rivera courtesy of Pixabay.com

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Taco Johns has something for you. For breakfast, enjoy one of their breakfast burritos or their sweet, iced Mexican donut bites. Feeling snackish but not hungry enough for dinner? You can order just a burrito. Combos are also available for those wanting a full meal. Their specialties, like the super potato oles or crunchy chicken, are sure to please.

Phone: 402-564-1022
Address: 3805 Howard Blvd, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: tacojohns.com


20) Casey’s General Store

Expectations for a gas station pizza shop may be low, but Casey’s is sure to surprise. The pizza is terrific. They have your standard toppings and specialty pizzas like chicken quesadilla and meat galore. What’s unusual is that they also offer breakfast pizzas. Want a pizza at 2 a.m.? They’re open.  Before you go, check their website for their many deals and save.

Phone: 402-563-1538
Address: 2671 33rd Ave, Columbus, NE 68601
Website: caseys.com



Columbus offers you and your family a comfortable setting to relax and explore. This quality is infused throughout the city, whether you are sightseeing, shopping, or dining out.

Here the waitstaff knows their customers, the dining crowds are friendly, and everyone feels welcome. The food reflects this citywide attitude. Most restaurants sell what you’re already used to eating.

Things like burgers, fries, and steak. Some places, like those that cater to breakfast, get a little fancy with their drinks and pastries. Columbus makes you feel welcome. So, stop wasting time. Get online and plan your next family vacation in Columbus, Nebraska.

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