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Columbus, OH



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Known For

  • College Town

imageCovid Status


Risk Level


Vaccination Progress


Daily new cases

9.4 Per

Infection rate


Positive test rate

32.4 %

% Vaccinated

58.1 1+ Dose

The easiest way to get to Columbus is by flying into Port Columbus International Airport (CMH). You can also take a bus or drive into the city.

Some popular tourist attractions in Columbus include the Ohio Statehouse, the Santa Maria replica ship, and the Franklin Park Conservatory. You can also enjoy the city's many museums, parks, and restaurants.

There are many hotels and motels located in Columbus. You can also find vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts in the city.

The food in Columbus is diverse. You can find American, Italian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine in the city.

The best way to get around Columbus is by car. You can also use the city's bus system or rent a bicycle.

The weather in Columbus varies depending on the season. Summers are generally hot and humid, while winters tend to be cold and snowy. Spring and fall are usually mild with occasional showers.

The best time to visit Columbus depends on your interests. If you're interested in outdoor activities, the best time to visit is during the spring or summer. If you're interested in exploring the city's museums and attractions, the best time to visit is during the fall or winter.

Be sure to check out the local events calendar before your trip so you don't miss any great happenings during your stay!